10 Great Ideas for Gift Wrap Organization

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10 Great Ideas for Gift Wrap Organization

With the Christmas season getting closer I wanted to gather some ideas for gift wrapping stations that could inspire you to get organized before the wrapping rush starts.  I also have a free printable to gather the key things to have.  I came up with 10 great ideas for gift wrap organization!

I have a confession!  I like  love wrapping gifts.  Spools of curly ribbon, cute tags, ornaments and it’s all coordinated.   It’s kind of like school supply shopping, don’t you just like it to match?  I think one of my favorite places to shop for gift wrap is Target.  It’s so cute and matches and it’s laid out so nicely in the store.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop for wrapping at a lot of stores, but, well you know:)  If I had my way I’d love the presents under my tree to be all similar with the same family of wrapping (the ones that come in a plastic bundle with 5-6 of the same theme)  Okay, now I’m just getting weird, ah, in a perfect world. 

Christmas Memories

When we were growing up we had very thin wrapping paper that you could see through unless you wrapped it around a couple of times and it ripped easily as well (can you guess it was inexpensive?)  I guess it made finding out a little easier for my siblings.   Did you ever peek growing up?  You know, find a gift with your name on it under the tree and slowly lift the tape or look for a ripped corner and make it bigger?  One year, one of my sons waited until I left the house and went snooping for his Christmas gifts and found them, unwrapped in my room.  I just kept them in bins with lids because I was naive.  He saw everything and said it was his most disappointing Christmas’s ever.  Not because he didn’t get some great things that he really wanted (Jabba the Hut with Princess Leia) but because there were very few surprises.  

Organizing Your Wrapping

There are lots of different ways to store your supplies.  I have a FREE Printable that I’m offering with this post for the top 10 things you need in your Wrapping Station.  Then you just need somewhere to put it.  For years I have had a 7 drawer plastic cart that had room for everything with each drawer being labeled.  I love it but looking at these organized  spaces, I think its time for a change! The following are some ideas that you can buy, all ready to go, just add supplies and others are homemade remedies. Try one or more of these 10 great ideas for gift wrap organization and see if you fall in love!

  1.  This Hangable Caddy in from the Container Store and has a really neat tutorial that shows how to use it.  I hangs in a closet out of the way when not in use. 

Gift Wrap Organizing

2. This under the bed storage is also available from the Container Store and has some handy bins inside for supplies.  When not in use it has a lid and slides right under the bed (or on a shelf in the garage)  I had a Rubbermaid container like this for years and it worked really well.

Gift Wrap Station

3.  This one is at Bed Bath and Beyond and has a bin for most things and a place to store the rolls.  I like that the ribbon is organized and it has a lot of pull outs for tissue, bags and other things

Gift Wrap Closet Elfa

4  Elfa offers this Dream Gift Wrapping Closet.  It’s not cheap, but if you have the room, desire and money, it’s a great system.  Wouldn’t you just love to walk by, open the door, stare and sigh?


5.  I love this simple way this is done by Brittany at BonBon Break with a peg board, dowels and hooks.  

Gift Wrap Station

6. This system that Jenn has done at Clean and Scentsible has me loving the way she’s labeled all the drawers and has excellent inserts.  I love drawers and cabinets like this for organization.

7. Jennifer at Iheartorganizing did a great job getting her wrapping clutter down to a closet.  Good tutorials and pictures to walk you through the steps

8.  This Ikea closet is organized by Maria at Gracefulorder and has a place for everything.  Don’t you just love it?

9.  I love when you can open a door and everything is right there.  I found this look at Cupcakesandcashmere.  Especially handy when space is at a minimum.  Well done!

Storage solutions

10.  Every time I see one of these carts tripped out into something cool I want to buy another one.  Laura at Lifestorageblog even added some festive vinyl with her Cricut and added a bag storage holder on the side.  Very clever! 

Well I don’t know about you but I have some new projects on my mind.  Don’t forget to fill out the form below to get the password to my resource library to get your FREE Printable.
Enjoy creating!
Send me a picture with what your storage looks like.  You might inspire me.


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Gift Wrapping Organization

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