12 Days of Christmas

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12 Days of Christmas

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas, says the lyrics in the one of the songs on your Christmas playlist.  I know, I can’t help listening already too, even thought it’s just early in November, but my mind is very focused this year because of the posts I’ve been readying for the upcoming Holiday Season.  I didn’t try to rush Halloween away (most of the stores do that already) but I can’t help but love Christmas.  The decorating, the baking, making presents and cards and tags and also, resonating on the reason we have this season.  We take this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The 12 days of Christmas is a wonderful tradition to start with your family or special someone. 

Twelve Days of Christmas

Sometimes, we get too busy with all the last minute things to do that we feed the kids, wash the kids and get them in bed so we can concentrate on the things we feel like we need to get done.  If we start planning a little earlier, we can slow down that frenzy that can happen those last few weeks before the big day.  

For many years, I have planned activities for the 12 Days of Christmas and it’s turned out to be pretty fun.   I start it on December 13, twelve days before the 25th.  I made 12 tags that are clothes pegged to the tree or hung on garland in the house.  Each person gets to take a turn finding the tag with the correct number on it.  December 13 for instance, is day 1, hence tag #1.  On the back is an activity that we will do as a family, or couple (or just yourself) that day.  They can be very simple, like watching a Christmas Show or Movie on TV to a much bigger event like dressing up to go to a Play or Concert.  Below is a fun list that you can choose from or add some of your own.  I have a free printable of cute tags to print off to start your countdown!


  • Go Caroling; Invite others to go with you
  • Take a new Christmas photo of everyone (or just you!)
  • Go see a new Christmas movie in the Theater
  • Go out for a fun dinner and window shopping
  • Put together a fun Christmas present for your family or friends
  • Go shopping for a new tree ornament….or make one
  • Face time a family member to catch up
  • Bake some treats and deliver to someone
  • Go to a Christmas event, an office party, concert or play
  • Take a ride in the car to look at the Christmas lights
  • Curl up and watch a classic Christmas show with some fun treats
  • Host a “Minute to Win It” party
  • Gather together to do a Christmas Puzzle with Cocoa
  • Decorate a Gingerbread house or host a Gingerbread House Decorating Party
  • Decorate Cookies
  • Do Secret Santa for someone
  • Make Christmas Crackers (see how here)

Twelve Days of Christmas Tags

Part of the fun for me was making the tags.  I am a crafter and have drawers filled with stickers, ribbon and adornments that I made mine with.  Above are pictures of ones that I made which you are more than welcome to copy.  If you don’t want to make your own, I came up with a great solution!  I am offering a free printable that has 12 tags already created digitally that you can print and cut; label on the back with the activities you choose and clip them to your tree or garland. (you can see the picture above) You’ll find it at the end of this post.  Print off on white card stock in color.  If you start to think about it now, you can incorporate lots of the calendar items you already have planned, like Concerts at school and Work Parties.  Your kids, spouse, fiancé, roommate or significant other will really look forward to each day and what surprise awaits them.

Snuggle up with your favorite hot chocolate and cookies and see what the evening brings!

12 Days of Christmas Printable  

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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12 Days of Christmas Ideas

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