A Simple Way to Plan your Weekly Meals

Happy New Year……and happy meal planning!

and with that comes the new goals, the firm resolutions and lots of new ideas that you’re going to rock this year.  Right?  We finally got on the scale, looked at all those leftovers from Christmas still in the fridge and said that’s it.  You’re losing the weight, cleansing our colons (ewww) and exercising.  Trying to save money by eating at home, shopping the sales and perhaps sticking to a budget.  Busy cleaning our closets, the garage, under the sinks, the kitchen pantry, blah blah blah.   And then next week we’re burned out and frustrated at ourselves because gee, we failed already.  (no kidding)

Pacing Ourselves

We really know we are setting ourselves up for failure.  But, instead of eating the elephant in one bite, we can do it in a series of bites and be successful, sticking to one or two things at a time.  I thought I would write a series of posts that help me, and you, to start slow and finish on top.  


Meal Planning

The process of meal planning can actually bite off more than one piece of the elephant at the same time (and you won’t even choke).  It covers weight loss, saving money on groceries and purging those cupboards.  When starting a diet, you need to make a good plan of what your meals are going to be and go to the store once. In that step you’re planning your meals and saving money and time as well.  You’re eating healthier because you’re shopping from a list (don’t go to the store hungry either) and you’re not going back and forth to the store every other day.  Winner winner…..hey and you can have Chicken Dinner.   Here’s some steps to help you through the process, plus I’ve created a free printable to make your job easier.  (you’ll just need to print double sided and cut)

  1. Grab a Calendar:  this helps you to look clearly at the next week;  where your going to be; schedule of you or your family and are people coming over
  2. Check your Pantry, Cupboards, Fridge and Freezer:  this is the first place you will save money by using what you already have.  I also like to check the ads that come, usually on Tuesday to see what the sales are at the store.  That’s why it’s best to buy on Wednesday or later.  Some complain if things are bought Thursday or Friday, all the kids eat all the fun stuff through the weekend and there’s nothing left.  We’re eating healthier remember?  No fun stuff:)
  3. Brainstorm a list of Meals:  Remember, if you’re doing weight loss, check what types of things you’re allowed to eat.  Also include breakfasts and lunches.  Sometimes we forget that we usually eat three times a day.  Include some kind of protein in each meal to keep you fuller longer so there will be less snacking.  We don’t need a snack between because we’re not 7 years old.  The reason we usually want to eat is because we’re bored and head to the pantry.  Remember also to use the flyers to see what you might be able to stock up on, or cook a big batch of chicken one day and use it another day for another meal.   
  4. Make a good Grocery List:  On the reverse side of the free menu planner is a grocery list you can take to the store.  Be specific and check it over before leaving referencing the menu’s on the other side.  It’s always a pain when you’re missing one ingredient or another and it will cost you far more to stop at the store another time.  Trust me on that.  Also, this could be a game changer for those who don’t like to shop.  More and more stores have gotten on the band wagon for shopping for you and you just pick it up.  Have you tried Amazon Pantry yet?  There are some good incentives they are providing to try it.

Here’s a fun way to choose main dishes for a few weeks.  

  • Monday :  Meatless Monday
  • Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday
  • Wednesday:  Asian
  • Thursday:  Sheet Pan Dinner
  • Friday:  Homemade Soup and Sammies
  • Saturday:  Italian
  • Sunday:  Slow Cooker
  • Monday:  Seafood
  • Tuesday: Low Carb
  • Wednesday:  Sandwiches
  • Thursday:  International
  • Friday:  Salad
  • Saturday:  Freebie….Go Out!
  • Sunday:  American

 Don’t forget your free meal planning and grocery list

I hope this helps you to find success in the weeks to come.  Personally, I’m going back to Keto for a few weeks to get rid of the sweet cravings and that stubborn belly fat that has creeped back around my middle.  I’m grateful I have friends that keep me in farm eggs for now.  

Let me know how it goes and next step, Tidying Up!  If you like this please pin it and share!


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Meal Planning with free printable


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