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Hi, my name is Cheryl and I blog, well I’m trying to blog!  I’ve wanted to do this for years.  Every time I did a project, I would document my progress with pictures, especially DIY.  I love to learn how to do things and then teach others, so this is the perfect platform for me now!

Things I Love
All things creative, whether it’s sewing, cooking, crafting, repurposing, DIY and life lessons.  I also love to read, eat and teach, especially if I can learn an easier way to do things.  My favorite shows are The Great British Baking Show, Fixer Upper and Hometown (although I sometimes cry when I watch it, wondering if I’ll have my own home again) and American Pickers

And, above all, my family (My three sons and their wives and my 5 beautiful grandchildren (soon to be 8 as triplets are coming soon!)

Things I Hate
Dull knives, running (I do it though and some days are not so bad), bugs and mean people. 

Things I’m learning
That blogging isn’t as easy as it looks, to take better pictures, that it sometimes takes a few do-overs to get things right and that I’m grateful for the time I have to learn and grow and the inspiration that comes when you’re just still.  Learning to ponder better:)

Things I Believe
I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Through my years of service in the Church, I have been able to develop and grow many of my talents and I’m very grateful to the Lord for believing in me, when I was sure I couldn’t do it but said yes anyway.



The nature of my blog, Homemade by Cheryl, is to teach creative content to others, to help you believe you can do it!  It also contains my opinions and doesn’t reflect the opinions of any organization I might be affiliated with.
The information that I provide is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes.
Also, the links on this website may contain affiliate links. This means that I may receive a commission if you decide to make any purchases using my affiliate links.


Unless otherwise noted, I am the legal copyright holder of the material and pictures posted on my blog.  Any content of my blog may be shared with my permission (cheryl@homemadebycheryl.com) and if shared only 1 picture with watermark still attached, a link back to my blog and I am given credit.
Comments are welcome, although I reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted without notice due to spam, profanity, language or concepts that could be deemed offensive. I am also not responsible for the content in comments.


If you’re interested in advertising, sponsorship or collaborations, please contact me at cheryl@homemadebycheryl.com.




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I love to do anything creative and enjoy learning new things. Once I know how, I also love to teach it to others. Homemade by Cheryl, teaching homemade one project at a time! Have fun learning!

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