Child’s Face Mask Patterns

Face Masks

Child’s Face Mask Patterns

Welcome to our new normal!  Face masks worn everywhere for our won protection?  The phrase, “who was that masked man” has crossed my mind many a time in the last few months.  Whether I like it or not, they’re here to stay for a while.  These child’s face mask patterns will help with your “back to school” preparation this fall.

Face masks

Kids Sized

I’ve come across a lot of face mask patterns through this pandemic that I’ve made for myself and loved ones.  Many were made to begin with for adults because most kids were at home, quarantining with their families.  I rarely saw them at the store and of course, parks and most public places were off limits.  It’s interesting when I did start to see kids out and about with their parent(s) the adults had masks on but the kids didn’t!  From experience it’s very hard to keep a face covering on a child that doesn’t want it on or is too small to know better.  

These child’s face mask patterns will help to keep your kids safe as they head back  to school this fall. The pattern comes in 4 sizes; small for ages 3-6, medium that fits 7-9, large for 10-13 and x-large for teens.  You will have to determine which size fits your child(ren’s )faces.

Face Masks
3 Year Sized Mask


One of my weaknesses in the creative world is fabric.  I {heart} fabric.  I love to look at it, wandering up and down the isles at quilt and fabric stores.  The colors, textures, feel and the projects it can be made into.  Also in my craft space are bins of fabric….flannels, minky, cottons, linens; I could go on.  Digging through my scraps I came up with a few different ones to use but really, the sky is the limit on your creativity.  Although, one thing I have noticed about Joann’s Fabric is the diminished selection since COVID has taken hold of the world.  One sales rep told me it’s because much of the fabric we get comes from China.  Grab your fabric and materials and let’s make a childs face mask with the FREE patterns I’m supplying.

Face Masks


I prefer the elastic cording that you can tie to fit it right.  I found when I used the hair ties that it pulled on my ears too much.  It might be different with children’s sizes.  Try them out!  The problem is right now elastic and elastic cording aren’t found very easily in stores.  You can order online.  I did find some elastic cording in the jewelry section of Joann’s that was Hildy and Jo and was 6 yards.  Hard to find!



  • Print free pattern and cut out pieces
  • Lay out fabric on a flat surface.  You may need to iron it to flatten it.  Id did not wash and dry mine first
  • Pin pattern pieces to fabric.  Remember, you will need 2 pieces per mask
  • Cut around fabric
  • Iron flat 
  • With your sewing machine, sew 1/4 inch along the bottom of the center of the mask to make your mouth pouch
  • Iron 
  • With right sides together, sew 1/4 inch along the top of the mask and 1/4 inch along the bottom of the mask
  • Turn inside out and press
  • Top stitch along the top of the mask and along the bottom of the mask close to the edge
  • Fold the sides over twice and pin

***Note: If using hair ties, you’ll need to place them on the fabric and then fold over twice, pin and sew.  The hair tie will be sewn right into your mask.  If you want to “fit” the mask to your child now, try it on them while pinned and adjust so you ensure it’s comfortable!***

  • Sew along each side, to make a casing for the elastic/cording/ribbon.
  • Thread elastic or elastic cording through the casing.  Tie and pull the knot and ends through the casing so they don’t show.  Make sure the knot you use won’t slip!  I use a reef knot

You’re done!   Once you’ve made 1, they get faster each time.  Have fun with your fabrics and making your masks.  If your child is starting school this fall, you’ll need a few masks for them to wear as the schools encourage you to wash them daily.  They are a quick sew so you can make 5, one for each day of the week!

Happy Creating!


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Childs Face Mask






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