DIY Clay Garden Stakes

DIY Clay Garden Stakes

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DIY Clay Garden Stakes

Don’t you just love it when the spring comes around again?  The sun is warmer, the snow is melting and you want to get out and feel the dirt on your hands.  Well, some of us do:)  In the past I’ve had some pretty good gardens but one of the things I’ve wanted but just never got around to is planting an herb garden.  So maybe DIY Clay Garden Stakes are the first step to inspire me to plan.

When I first spotted these a number of years ago, I fell in love.  Something handcrafted and so simple.  I love using fresh herbs in my cooking but don’t like the price for a few leaves at the store, so I bought a Basil plant earlier this winter and it’s been thriving on the window sill.  Another month and it should be warm enough to transplant to the garden.  As I get more starts, they will look adorable lined up with their cute hand stamped stakes to identify them. 

Lets see what we can make!



It’s really a simple process, which you can follow through my pictures

  • When you unwrap your clay, you need to knead it a bit to make it pliable.  It takes a couple of minutes and then roll them into how many balls you would like
  • Roll the balls into ropes with your hand
  • Flatten lightly with a rolling pin
  • Once the piece is flat, cut one side at an angle to make a point
  • Begin stamping your letters.  Just press firmly into the clay.  If you mess up or it’s not how you want it, simply roll into a ball again and start over.  The process is really easy
  • Once you’ve finished one, complete the others
  • Place on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and bake at 275° (manufactures instructions) for 20 minutes.  Let cool
  • I also made narrow rolled stakes as well. (see picture) I used some metal stamps I had and made some small, rolled stakes that would be perfect for small pots and planters.


These DIY Clay Garden Stakes are really inexpensive to make (use your coupons to buy the supplies) and look great in your garden.  They also make a wonderful gift, especially for those who love to garden.  



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DIY Clay Garden Stakes

DIY Garden Stakes

DIY Garden Markers

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