DIY Earring and Ring Storage

DIY Earring and Ring Storage

I am a stud (wearer)……like earrings for your ears?  I thought it was kind of funny but what’s not funny is the way I have my jewelry stored, especially my studs.  Okay, here goes as little honesty here.  They’re actually in a ziploc bag.  This DIY Earring and Ring Storage is perfect to gather your earrings (or rings) in one organized place!

The ones I usually wear I keep in a cute bowl on my dresser (my pearls, small fake diamonds and a pair of small hoops) But the rest (and I have to say thanks to Charming Charlies) are in a jumble.  Don’t even get me started on my necklaces and bracelets.  So a couple of years ago when I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across a great DIY Earring and Ring Storage idea by Iheartstorage.  I kept coming back to it and finally have a good reason to make it.

Earring Box

Birthday Presents

My older two granddaughters have their ears pierced but don’t wear earrings very often.  When Emmie was just little she got her ears pierced and as soon as she got earrings in she would pull them out.  I’m actually surprised that the holes never closed over!  

It’s her birthday coming up and I thought a few pairs of adorable earrings would be fun for her to have.  She’s getting better at wearing them, but they end up all over the place!  I like order, so this project was perfect for housing the earrings and her Mom can keep it somewhere safe.  

 I made another DIY earring and ring storage box for Cali, her sister, who has a birthday is coming up as well (and I bought her some adorable earrings too)  I’m sure by the time I have this post ready, I’ll have a box made for me too.  I really simplified the project and used materials I already had at home (I guess there’s a reason I never throw anything out:))

Earring Storage Box

DIY Earring and Ring Storage

What I like about this project is the earring backs stay on, you just push them into the space as well as any rings you might have.  No more lost earrings (hopefully) or misplaced backs!  This DIY Earring and Ring storage is also good for your dangling earrings.  You can just push the hooked back into the space as well, out them side by side and admire your handiwork!  Oh, BTW, I got their cute earrings at Michaels (use your coupons girls!)

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  • Dowels (or sucker sticks)  Yeah, I did.  I had a package of dowels I picked up at Joann for my doll house project (yeah that’s not coming along very fast).  The sucker sticks I had leftover from making cake pops a million years ago.  
  • Quilt batting:  I just used some leftover natural batting (not fluffy polyester stuff)  If you have felt, feel free to use that.  You’ll need more as it’s not as thick
  • Boxes:  I used a couple I had in my craft stuff, one was an old watch box and the other was a metal box with a clear lid (from a bracelet kit)  The one I’ll make for myself will be using the box from my ancestry DNA kit I got for Mother’s Day last year.
  • Cute Piece of Scrap Fabric
  • Glue gun and glue sticks or Craft Glue
  • Scrapbook Paper or Washi Tape:I covered the wood box with a piece of scrapbook paper I had but the metal box I used washi tape and it was much easier.  You can also use wrapping paper as well
  • Mod Podge (if you’re using paper to cover the box)
  • I used stickers for one box and cut letters from my Cricut on the other (if you choose to add a name)
  •  Dremel or Mitre Box (I used a small dremel to cut the wood dowels and then a bit of sand paper to smooth out the edges.  
  • Scissors (for cutting the fabric and the sucker sticks)
  • Flat Spatula (I used one of my Cricut tools) to tuck the fabric between the covered dowels.  A small frosting knife would work great as well

Materials for DIY Earring Storage


Goodness, as I look at the list it looks like a lot of supplies.  It’s not really things you have to go out and buy (maybe the dowels) but usually have on hand if you dabble in crafts.  For the dowels you could actually use sticks you find outside.  No one will know as they will be covered in felt or batting!  Let’s get started on your DIY Earring and Ring Storage.


  1. Measure how long your dowels (sucker sticks or sticks) should be.
    Just put one end inside of your box and mark it so it will fit inside the box.  To determine the number of dowels you will need, lay them loosely out in your box.  You are going to wrap them with batting (or felt) so they will end up about double in size
  2. Cut your dowels with a dremel or mitre box (if using sucker sticks just use sharp scissors and turn them around and around the stick.  Sand the end (completely optional as you won’t see them)
  3. Cut your batting pieces.  This will take a minute to figure out.  Cut the batting (or felt if you want) as wide as the dowel but roll it up before cutting the length to see how big it gets.  If you have a shallow box, you’ll use less length, a deeper box you can have them a bit bigger.  By using your practice one and moving it across your box, you’ll have an idea of how many dowels you will need
  4. Place your dowel on your batting and put a thin line of glue to stabilize.  Roll up and secure with another line of glue
  5. Tuck covered dowels in your box to make sure they fit snugly.  If you want, take them out and with a thin line of glue, secure them in place. 
  6. Cut a piece of scrap fabric as wide as your box and a few inches longer on each side.  You’re going to tuck the fabric between each padded dowel so you’ll use more than you think.  Iron the fabric
  7. Using the spatula or thin knife, tuck the fabric between the padded dowels, starting from the center and move out, keep tucking until you reach each side.  
  8. Nestle your earrings in and give yourself a pat on the back.  This is an easy project and you’re getting your craft on as well getting a few things organized (yes you have a little mess to clean up now)

DIY Earring and Ring Storage Box














So cute you’ll be looking for jewelry to make another one!  Great for a gift including earring inside….like I did.  Grab your stuff and head to the table to make your own DIY Earring and Ring Storage box!

Happy Creating!


Want to remember this?  Post DIY Earring and Ring Storage to your favorite Pinterest board!

DIY Earring and Ring BoxEarring Storage

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