Easy DIY Linen Wrap Skirt

Linen Wrap Skirt

Easy DIY Linen Wrap Skirt

Summer is here and who doesn’t love a cool skirt to zip around in!  You can dress it up or down and the variety of fabrics is unlimited!  Making your own easy DIY linen wrap skirt is easier than you think and can be done in a short period of time.  

I always look for sales on it when fabric shopping so when I came across this linen print last year at Joann (it’s still there) and got a steal of a deal of 60% off I knew it would be some kind of summer skirt.  

The shape of this skirt has a fun swing and so comfy to wear!  This easy DIY linen wrap skirt is a must have for your summer wardrobe.  If you like sewing with linen, you’ll like my Bell Sleeve Linen Dress or Easy Linen Dress.  I’m offering a free pattern for Easy DIY Linen Wrap Skirt for two of the pieces.  Measurements for the other two.

Wrap Skirts

Wraps skirts are fairly simple to make and there are lots of different takes on them out there.  Mini’s, ruffled, stretchy, maxi, frayed, tulip hem…..I’ll stop.  I’m starting to talk like Bubba did in Forest Gump about shrimp:)  Needless to say, it’s a very versatile skirt. Linen was used because I love it but I’m going to make one for the fall with a light denim that will take me through the winter.  Let’s start making this easy DIY linen wrap skirt!

**Things to know about making this skirt**

 Instead of a pattern, I took an A-Line skirt that fits well and laid it on some freezer paper. (You can skip this step if you want to lay it right on top of your fabric), traced around it and made a pattern piece.  The waistband was traced as well. You can download the free pattern here.  When I cut the longer ties, I did the smaller one 30″ x 4.5 and cut 1.  For the longer waistband piece, I did 2 pieces 32″ x 2.5″.  If you cut your pattern piece out of paper, it makes it easier to manipulate the paper (ie folding it in half) to cut your pieces from your fabric. Remember, measure twice, cut once and make sure you make allowances for seams:).  

It might take a bit of time to get the best cuts from your fabric.  If you’re really not sure about making your own pattern, McCalls 5430 is a good pattern to purchase (look for those pattern sales!)  Don’t be afraid to make this Easy DIY Linen Wrap Skirt using a skirt you already have as your template.  You can make adjustments to the fit as you go so cut it a bit bigger to allow for fitting and seam allowances.  I am including a pattern piece for the skirt and the short waistband that will work great if you don’t have an A-line skirt.  Happy sewing!

Linen Wrap Skirt
























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  • Free Pattern for Wrap Skirt
  • Freezer Paper ( or any old large pieces of paper you have…wrapping paper, butcher paper)
  • A-Line Skirt (to use as pattern)
  • Fabric:  I used 2 yards of linen with 53″ width.  I got it at Joann and it’s on sale right now:)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger (optional but the project is faster with it)
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat (also optional but makes the cutting faster)
  • 1 Button


  • Lay your skirt (or pattern) on your paper (or fabric if you’re bold)  You’ll need 3 pieces.  I even folded my paper to get the most out of my fabric.
  • Cut your skirt out
  • Cut 4 pieces for waistband and another 2 longer pieces for the third waistband (32″ x 2.5″)
  • Cut 1 piece for additional tie (30″ x 4.5″)
  • Sew your three skirt pieces together.  I used french seams.  This is done by sewing it right sides together first (close to the edge) and then turning the fabric to the wrong side and sewing the seams again (incorporating the original seam into the second seam) This way I didn’t have to finish the seam (with linen you need to because they fray)  OR you can just zig zag or serge the edges.

***note***When I use my serger on a seam, I usually sew it first and then I serge the seam

  • Take the piece that is 30″ x 4.5.  With right sides together sew along the edge.  At the end, taper so it ends in a point.  Turn inside out and press
  • Take 2 short pieces for the waistband the the longest piece and sew them together.  
  • Pin to the skirt and sew, leaving a long tail on the end that you want the tie to be on
  • Take 2 more short waistband pieces and the additional long piece and pin to the waistband
  • Sew


  • Fold the top of the waistband over to sew.  Fold the edge over and pin to the waistband.  Tuck and pin the end of the tie so it ends in a point.  You can sew in place with your machine so it is top stitched.
  • On the back of the skirts waistband, pin the other tie in place on the waistband seam.  Sew in place and press
  • On the end of the skirt with no tie, measure your button and make a buttonhole
  • On the inside of the skirt (see picture direction) sew the button on.
  • Press and wear!

Have fun making this cute skirt.  It’s light and cool and I’ve loved wearing mine! You’ll get lot’s of compliments.
Happy Creating!


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Wrap Skirt

Linen Wrap Skirt

Linen Wrap Skirt










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