Easy Peach Mango Salsa

Peach Mango Salsa

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Easy Peach Mango Salsa

It’s peach season and I’m in love with all things peach!  The smell, the taste, especially when you bite into one and the juice drips down your chin and fingers.  That’s what I was experiencing this past week when one of the grocery stores had them as a loss leader for .19 per pound!  Yes, they did and I bought……a lot (well you could buy 5 lbs).  So I decided to try one of the Grilled Chicken Recipes I featured on my blog a few weeks ago.  I mixed a few ingredients together and added an Easy Peach Mango Salsa with the Grilled Chicken Street Tacos.

  Adding Fresh Salsa to Recipes

No need to limit this yummy recipe to just Street Tacos!  It’s such a nice accompaniment to so many different dishes.  Just on it’s own with chips it’s a delightful taste, but here’s some great ideas of using this Easy Peach Mango Salsa:

  • Top off your favorite fish dish:  This works especially well with salmon on the grill
  • Add to a Pork Roast in your crockpot:   Double the recipe and add to your crockpot over Pork Loin or a Pork Roast and cook for 5-8 hours.  Shred and you’re ready for a party!
  • Over Eggs:  Whether you scramble them or do make a cheesy omelette, it adds a nice fresh taste
  • Substitute for Salad Dressing:  If you want to skip the calories of dressing, this fresh peach mango salsa will add some wonderful taste and texture.  Add a little more lime juice and stir
  • Shrimp Cocktail:  Cook up some large shrimp then cool them.  Arrange it in a dish with a bowl of easy peach and mango salsa to dip them in.
  • Top your Hamburger:  Grilling burgers?  Add a little to the top of your burger for a great new taste!
  • Use as a Marinade:  Add some oil and more lime juice and seal it in a bag with some chicken or pork and place in the fridge for 4-12 hours.  Then discard and grill/cook the meat as you like

Just a few fun ideas to get your creative juiced going.  Now come on, let’s make some Easy Peach and Mango Salsa!


Fresh is usually best and since this is peach season, head over to the store or farmer’s market and get some fresh peaches.  If you live near orchards, this might be a great opportunity to pick your own, or stop by a farm stand out front.  Pick peaches that are still firm yet soft to the touch.  The peach should give just a little when squeezed gently.  Too firm and they’ll be bitter tasting and too soft, well they’re a mess to work with.  I kept the skin on for this recipe.  If you can buy free stone ones, that’s an added bonus.  (they are the ones that come off easily from the pit in the middle)  I had a mix of different ones.  

The mango is a little harder to come by.  No fresh mango trees where I live but my nearby grocery stores has them on special.  Again, pick one that will give a little when lightly squeezed. I have to say, sometimes I’ll end up with really stringy, woody tasting ones and it’s so disappointing.  These ones were really nice.

The rest of the ingredients are easy to find:  Onion (I used sweet white but I usually use red)  Fresh Cilantro, Limes (buy soft when squeezed, they have a lot more juice…..roll them prior to cutting to get the most out of them)  Roma Tomatoes which are just coming into season (yum) and a Jalapeño Pepper, which if you plant two in your garden will give you huge yields!  They’re really easy to grow.  


  • Sharp Pairing Knife:  I love the set of 4 to have extra on hand
  • Cutting Board:  Since getting a bamboo board, I’ve become a fan of wood boards again!
  • Dish For Serving:  I love a cute dish for presentation.  I have a set of these and they wash and wear forever!
  • Lime Juicer:  Once I tried one of these, I made sure I had one in my drawer for both lemons and limes

I hope you enjoy this easy salsa recipe that’s simple to make fresh any time you need it.  It’s a great paring for Sous Vide Chicken Street Taco’s.  

Enjoy! Let me know how yours turned out and if you added anything different!


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How to Make Peach Mango Salsa

How to Make Peach Mango Salsa


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1 year ago

We had your mango peach salsa for dinner tonight with chicken and steak street tacos. It was delicious!! Thanks for the idea and the recipe.

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