Free Summer of Heroes T-Shirt SVG File

Free SVG File Summer of Heroes

Free Summer of Heroes T-Shirt

Don’t you love a good podcast?  A few years ago I would have said “What’s a Podcast?”  Since then, I’ve become a follower of many podcasts but recently  was directed to one that I just love that also presents on YouTube  each week . called Don’t Miss This  That’s where I jumped into Summer of Heroes and as a result decided to design a Free Summer of Heroes T-shirt SVG file to share. It’s a statement t-shirt that looks pretty cool.

Don’t Miss This

A few months ago, a friend talked me into going to an event at the Dixie Center in St. George where there was a few presenters that she thought I might be interested in.  I only recognized one name, Brad Wilcox, from my kids EFY days (Especially for Youth).  Among the few presenters that night, was Emily Belle Freeman.   As Emily taught that night I was enthralled.  I enjoy reading my scriptures, sometimes even diving in deep and really studying when I have more time.  She showed me how to look before and after passages to get a deeper meaning, using a “target” as an example to go wider for better understanding.  I loved it and could hardly wait to try it out as well as tune into Don’t Miss this each week.

Summer of Heroes

Our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a study program called Come Follow Me, where we individually and in Sunday Classes (well, up until COVID19) study a book of scriptures.  Last year was an in depth study of the New Testament and this year has been The Book of Mormon.  I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the teaching guide as well as many members who have made it an online video class.  

Emily and Dave chose the name “Summer of Heroes” as we head into The Chapters of Alma this summer, and the MMLX (roman numerals) refer to the 2060 Stripling Warriors who are introduced in Alma 53.  If you go to her site, Emily Belle Freeman, you can also download a poster where you can write your thoughts and ideas as you study.

T-Shirt Idea

I thought the idea of creating a t-shirt with the letters and words as a symbol of my belief, plus who doesn’t love a good t-shirt (and conversations that come from them)  The Summer of Heroes T-Shirt I created is a simple SVG cut file that can be used on your Cricut Explore (or whatever vinyl cutting machine you have)  Follow along and let’s make a Free Summer of Heroes T-Shirt together!  You can also learn how to make your t-shirt into an easy t-shirt dress by following the link here!



  • Upload the file from homemadebycheryl to your computer
  • Open Cricut Design Space, start a new project and upload the file into your design space and then insert the image into your project
  • Adjust the size that you want your image to be.  I did mine almost 12 inches or 3.75 (I cut two at once out of a 12 x 12 piece of htv vinyl)  If you want to cut two, just duplicate the file at this time
  • Connect your computer to your design space (mine is old school with a cable) so follow the directions on your machine
  • Click on “make it”.  Remember at this point to MIRROR the image so it flips it.  You want to be able to read it right side up when you iron it on
  • Press your HTV vinyl sheet on your Cricut pad.  Remember to place it the right way up, meaning the side that the vinyl pulls away.  If your not sure, take your weeding tool and in a corner, push it in and see if the vinyl will lift up.  Better safe than sorry.  So many different manufactures have dull side, or white side so double check if you don’t know
  • Place your Cricut cutting mat into your guides and follow the directions
  • When your design is cut, remove it from the mat and using your weeding tool (or sharp edged tool) pull the vinyl off the plastic.  You should be left with the words.  Take your time.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the design and you don’t want any unwanted holes (speaking from experience of course:))
  • Place your weeded vinyl sticky side down, centering it on your t-shirt.  
  • Set your iron to the hottest setting (linen) and press down on the design starting on one side.  As you heat up the vinyl, slowly pull it back with one hand as you continue to press.  if it’s not adhering, keep working your hot iron until it releases.  I haven’t used a Cricut Easy Press before but hear it works great.  Follow the directions for use.

**  I’ve used a few different brands of HTV vinyl.  Some are harder to work with taking a lot more effort to adhere to the shirt than others.  I usually buy mine on Amazon and have been very pleased with the results.  In my own opinion, I find the Cricut vinyl sometimes harder to adhere to the fabric and I’ve had to redo letter and words.  It’s probably user error on my part, and again, this is my opinion**

Wear it!

Now the fun part, PUT IT ON!  It’s a cute shirt and who knows what conversations will come from it.  Get excited to learn about the heroes from the scriptures!

Happy Creating!


Want to remember this?  Post Free Summer of Heroes T-Shirt with SVG File to your favorite Pinterest board!

Summer fo Heroes T-Shirt


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