Frosted Tree Pillow Pattern

Frosted Tree Pillow

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Frosted Tree Pillow

I love decorating at Christmas!  It used to be when I saw people with their trees up and homes decorated on the 1st of December I thought they were crazy!  Coupled with the fact that I had three small children and not many decorations it was a feat to get the tree up by December 18 and not have it fall over or be “undecorated” by their tiny hands.  We also had a son’s birthday to celebrate on the 18th and make it a special occasion for him. 

Christmas Decor

As I collected decorations and cute accents it didn’t take long to understand why people start early.  It really helps set the tone in your home during the holidays and the time is so short!  There’s nothing like listening to Christmas music, decorating the tree together (okay, I do the lights first by myself) that brings a family together and starts the season off right.  I think my favorite part is curled up on the couch near the tree, lights out except for the tree, hot cocoa in my hands and gazing at the ornaments on the tree.  It’s quiet and the memories of past Christmas’ flood my mind.

I love to snuggle with pillows on my furniture all different sizes, colors and textures.  When the Christmas decorations come out you can continue to use your pillows by making simple seasonal covers for them.  I have a series of 4 posts this year that will give you 4 new Christmas pillow covers to use in any room of your home.  Have fun stitching and glueing as you follow the easy directions for these adorable pillow covers.

PART 1:   Frosted Tree Pillow

The standard size for most throw pillows is about 18″ x 18″.  If you are covering a pillow that already has a cover that stays on it, make it about 1″ bigger on each side.  If you’re covering a pillow form (meaning it has no cover on it) just make it about 1/2″ bigger on each side.


I got most of my supplies at Joann Fabrics (make sure you use your coupons)

  • 1 Pillow
  • Two pieces of gray felt (here)  big enough to cover your pillow
  • Matching Thread/needle
  • Sewing Machine
  • Small ball of White Wool (or cotton)
  • Large darning needle
  • Sharp fabric scissors and paper scissors
  • 5- 6 small red buttons/ matching thread and small needle (here)
  • Chalk
  • Larger Snaps or velcro pieces
  • Pattern:  Frosted Tree Template


  1.  Download and print the Frosted Tree Template
  2. Cut out the pattern leaving 1/8″ gap between the branches and stem
  3. Place the pattern on the center of the felt.  While holding in place, start at the top of the tree and use the chalk to trace along the tree (see photo) Work from the top to the bottom on all branches.  Lift the pattern.  You should have a chalk outline for the tree and branches.  Don’t worry if it is smudged and a bit blurry.  Once you have stitched the tree you won’t see any of that
  4. Taking the white wool and darning needle, thread the needle with a long piece (2 yards) of wool. Knot one end.
  5. Starting at the bottom of the tree, come up through the felt and pull the thread until the knot holds.  Take the needle to the top of the tree and push it through, coming back up through the fabric at the tip of the first branch. (see picture)
  6. Bring the needle down to the center stem and go under coming up jut on the other side of the stem.  Go back down on the other side.  This secures the center line of wool.  Continue to work on each branch of the tree in this same manner, doing the branches and securing the center of each branch (See Picture)  Don’t worry about how it looks on the underside, no one will see it.
  7. At the end knot the wool and cut it.
  8. Take 5-6 small red buttons and sew them onto the branches of the tree with matching thread (see picture)
  9. Dust off any chalk residue you might have on your felt (or fabric)
  10. With right sides together, pin and then sew the pillow together, leaving a gap of 10 -12″ at the bottom of the pillow.  Trim corners and turn inside out.  Use your scissors carefully to poke the corners of the pillow all the way out so it has a nice shape.
  11. Using snaps or velcro pieces, place along the open gap of the pillow.  Sew in place (if you prefer, you can just blind stitch the pillow closed over the form.  It’s easy to get off after the season by snipping the stitches open if you want) Close the bottom and fluff your pillow! (See pictures)


I hope the pictures help(they’re a little bit blurry…or is it me?)  Send me a picture of what your pillow looks like!  “I love it when a good plan comes together”  (I can’t believe I used to watch that show)

Next Pillow in Series: Wreath Pillow

Simplher Pillow

Happy Creating


Christmas Pillow

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