How to Hem Cutoff Jeans

Finished Shorts for How to Hem Cutoff Jeans

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How to Hem Cutoff Jeans

This is a quick little post.
I know this seems like a simple thing to do and lots of people know how to do it.  It’s a simple cuff and hem on a pair of cutoffs.  Many times cutting your jeans off happens in a moment of desperation when some shorts are needed on a hot day and there are old jeans.  Am I right?  I had a pair I cut off in high school and then “bleached” stripes into them for a fashion statement.  Wow.  Let’s take a few minutes and learn how to hem cutoff jeans.

Recently my pregnant DIL needed some shorts.  She tried finding some online but when she tried them on, they were too short for her.  She had some older skinny-legged maternity jeans and asked if I could cut them off for her.   So… I can teach you a simple way to hem your jeans you’ve cut off (or that you’re cutting off).  It’s really simple.  Let’s learn!  



    • Have person (or you) try them on.  Mark with tape or a pin where you want the bottom to be
    •  Measure about 2 1/4″ from the marked spot.  You’re going to make a cuff and will want to roll the cuff up
    • Using a straight edge and rotary cutter (or sharp scissors) cut the bottom part of the pants off
    • Move the pin marking the bottom edge to the inside of the pants
    • Roll the fabric up, making sure you have an edge that will tuck under.  Pin in place all around the leg.  Repeat with the other leg
    • Take the arm off your machine (so you can pull the leg of the pants onto the machine (see photo)
    • Using the ‘stretch’ stitch on your sewing machine (the denim jeans we used had stretch in them)  sew around the leg of the pants
    • Repeat on the other leg

Here’s the shorts finished on my lovely model, looking pregnant with her triplets:)



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Hemming Cutoff Jeans

Hemming Cutoff Jeans

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