How to Make a Bandana Drool Bib

Baby Kate wearing her new Bandana Drool Bib

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How to Make a Bandana Drool Bib

Babies, Babies everywhere and with them comes some drool.  Whether we like it or not, all babies salivate at one time or another.  These Bandana Drool Bibs are easy to make with my free pattern and make a great gifts as well.  I had bibs back in the day for my droolers babies but these Bandana bibs are so sweet…they’re so much more adorable than anything we had. 

Now I have a need for bibs again.  I have grandkids that drool as much as my kids did.  It’s not a bad thing though….it rinses the mouth and there’s less tooth decay.
So much easier to trade out a new bib instead of a whole shirt!  Stop by your favorite fabric or quilt store and pick up some new adorable fabrics and dust off your machine!  Here’s How to Make a Bandana Drool Bib….with the pattern I made (free for you)



  • Fold fabric and place pattern on and pin.  Make sure you place the pattern on the fold (I was using scraps of fabric so moved it around so I could get the most bibs out of the fabric. Cut fabric
  • Do the same on the back fabric
  • With right sides together pin 1 back and 1 front together
  • Sew along the edges 1/4″ being sure you leave an opening at the top for turning
  • Clip corner and turn right side out.
  • Use scissors to poke in the corners 
  • Pin the opening closed and sew all the way around the bib.  I used the inside of my presser foot for a guide.  You want to sew about 1/8″ from the edge.
  • Using the directions on the snap package and the installation tool, attach the snaps to the bib (Here’s a video from Shiny Happy World that will help you)

Okay, that was easy.  When I was sewing these, I timed myself.  It took about 3 minutes to sew, turn right side out and sew again.  I hadn’t used these snaps before so it took 1 (or two) for a practice.  Watch the video and you won’t waste any:)  the longest part was choosing the fabric.  

My drooling happy granddaughter Kate (or her mother) really appreciated these:)  I need to make a whole bunch more for our new triplets on the way! The gender reveal was adorable:)  If you love this post, please pin and share.



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Cute little Kate with her new Bandana Drool Bib


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