How to Make a Cottontail Bunny Pillow

Cottontail Bunny Pillow for how to make a cottontail bunny pillow

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How to Make a Cottontail Bunny Pillow

Don’t you love a new season?  Holiday?  Any chance to change out a little bit of decor.  You don’t have to do much; a little wood tray of some odds and ends or a three tiered stand filled with lots of fun goodies!  Even an adorable Cottontail Bunny Pillow. I have another Easter Pillow to make as well!

Photo Courtesy of Kirklands

Easter is coming and I’m itching to make a few new things for my decor.  I happened across a picture of a darling pillow at Kirkland’s.  I knew by looking at it I could do it.  A simple pillow that takes less than an hour. Hop over and I’ll teach you how to make a Cottontail Bunny Pillow with my free template!



Pillow Envelope

  • Cut White fabric in half, along the fold
  • Cut one piece 19 x 29; this will be the top
  • Cut the second piece in two pieces; 19 x 16 and 19 x 19
  • Take the 19 x 19″ piece and fold over one side 1/2″ and then again by 1.5″; Iron
  • Take the 19 x 16″ piece and fold over 1/2″ and then 1″; Iron
  • Sew both pieces along the fold using white thread
  • On a flat surface, lay the pillow front (19 x 29″), lay the 19 x 17″ piece on top(measurements after you sewed the edge).  Make sure the right side is down.  As a third layer, add the piece that is 19 x 15, right side down.  You’ll lay it opposite of the second one.

** you are making an envelope that overlaps to slide the pillow form into, so no zippers or buttons need to be used**

  • Pin and sew around the edges using a 3/8″ seam allowance.
  • Trim corners and turn right side out.  Use scissors (or a pencil) to poke corners so they are sharp; Press with iron
  • Sew around the outside of the pillow using a 3/4″ seam to create a decorative edge around the pillow

Your pillow envelope is done!

Cottontail Bunny Decorations

  • Using the template trace 4 bunnies using your heat and bond and a pencil/pen
  • Cut loosely around them with paper scissors
  • Using an Iron set on medium/high iron the bunnies onto the pastel fabrics
  • Using your fabric scissors, cut around the bunny shapes
  • Peel the paper off your bunnies.
  • With the pillow envelope on the ironing board (or a towel on the table) place your bunnies.  You will want to measure (or use your eye as a guide) to make sure they are evenly spaced between and on the top and bottom
  • Press the iron down on each one, fusing the fabric to the pillow envelope
  • Using a needle and white thread, sew 1 pompom to each bunny.  Again, center them so they all look the same.  Stitch it firmly, as this is what everyone will touch.
  • Slide the Pillow Envelope over the Pillow Form


I hope you had fun making this cute pillow.  It’s great on a little girls bed year round with those soft pastel colors.  If you like the post please pin and share


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Cottontail Bunny Pillow to sew for Easter



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