How to make a Heart Shaped Book Wreath

Finished heart shaped paper wreath hanging on door


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How to make a Heart Shaped Book Wreath

We have a shed at our refuse station in town that has a place for you to bring things that could be recycled.  There are always books, dishes and other things there.  When I spied this wreath online I knew I could come up with a bit easier way to make it and I knew where I could get my book!    With that in mind, I picked up Charlotte Brontë book, Jane Eyre, in paperback. It is a romantic book as Jane gives her heart to her dear Rochester……won’t those pages of a love story make a lovely wreath?  Although not as popular as Pride and Prejudice (it has a much more complex story)  it stills pulls at your romantic heart strings.  I also made another easy Valentine’s Clothespin Wreath to decorate for Valentine’s.

Are you a classic romantic reader?

I remember being in my first book club many, many years ago and we decided to read Pride and Prejudice.  I struggled with it and kept thinking when is this going to grab me.  Just about halfway, I couldn’t put it down.  Then to finish off we watched the movie from 1940 with Lawrence Olivier.  When the 1995 BBC Production was on TV, I taped them all and dreamed of being Elizabeth to Mr. Darcy’s Colin Firth.  I have to say I also enjoyed loved the 2005 Edition with Kierra Knightly, which doesn’t take quite as much time to watch as the 1995 version.  Ahhh, to live in the regency period.  Nah, I like showers and washing machines and all the things that go with living in the 21st century.  I guess I could just crawl through a closet and be part of it for a bit like in the 2008, Lost in Austenland.  

Let’s get back to the wreath…..

I have to say, I’ve never ripped apart a book before (I hope there’s not a gasp from any of you!)  but there is no other way to make this.  Well, I guess I could take newspaper and cut it into squares……..well someone was getting rid of it, so I just found a new use.  It took me just over 300 pages and just a few little burns from the glue gun.  This certainly can be made with a low melt glue gun.


  • Wreath Pattern
  • 1 Book, at least 300 pages (it can be an old waterlogged book if it makes it easier to rip apart:))
  • Cardboard (either a posterboard or a large cereal box) 
  • Glue Gun (hot or low temp)
  • Glue sticks to fit your glue gun
  • Pen or Pencil
  • 1 yard of lace or ribbon (for hanging)


  • Print the free heart shaped template
  • Trace onto your cardboard(one side and then the other…see photo)  and cut out the outside and the inside
  • Glue the cardboard together (see photo)
  • Rip pages out of your book and put in a pile beside you
  • Plug in your glue gun 
  • Using your pen/cil, place in center of the page and squeeze paper around.(see photo)
  •  Remove pencil, twist slightly at the point of paper and fold the tip over.  
  • Place glue on end and push onto cardboard.  Start at the center of the heart shape and work your way around to your starting point

NOTE:  It will take a LOT of pages to do the first row.  After that it’s not as many to fill in the rest as they spread out.  See Photos below

  • Once you have the first row done, continue along the second rowelling in the spaces.  It won’t take as many to do the rest.  I used about 4 glue sticks for the whole wreath
  • Check for gaps when you think you’re done


  • When you’re done with the paper, take the yard of lace or ribbon, fold in half and glue onto the back of the wreath in the center.  Tie into a bow with room to hang.  
  • Hang on wall or, as I did, my front door!


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Valentines Heart Book Wreath



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