How to Make a Last Minute Valentine’s Sharpie Mug

finished mugs for Last minute valentines sharpie mugs

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How to Make a Last Minutes Valentine’s Sharpie Mug….

It only really takes a few minutes to put together and then bake in the oven to set the ink.  So gather your Sharpie pens, pick up a quick white mug at your Dollar Store (or maybe in your cupboard?) and learn how to make a last minute Sharpie mug.  I’m providing a Free Printable of a few fun quotes with a few cute fonts.  



NOTE:  In the photo of supplies I had the Sharpie Pro marker but did not use it.   I did try it but it didn’t go on as well as the regular sharpie.  If used on a thicker lined project it would work better


  • Wash and dry your mug(s)
  • Print 0ff the free printable and decide which one(s) you will use
  • Cut out the phrase leaving paper on the top and bottom.
  • Turn it over so it faces your work space and on the back with your pencil scribble over the phrase. If you have carbon paper (most people don’t anymore) if you place it under your phrase it will do the same thing, so no need to scribble
  • Take the phrase and tape it where you would like it on the mug
  • Trace over the letters
  • Take off the tape and the paper.  You will see the letters lightly.
  •  Take you sharpie and carefully trace over the letters.  You can touch them up if you want, in fact if you make a big mistake you can rub it off and start over.


  • If you want at this point, make a cute little message on the inside bottom of your mug.  This is freehand.  It is a little awkward to hold the sharpie, depending on how deep your mug is.  In one I just did “i heart u” and the other I did a series of hearts looking like they are floating away.  
  • Place your mug in the oven and turn the heat to 300°.  Bake for 2 hours, turn off and let it cool down with the oven.  This will help the marker stay on better.

Ideas for presenting your Sharpie Mug:

  • fill with her (or his) favorite chocolate or Valentine’s candy and wrap with cellophane or plastic wrap and ribbon
  • Fill with a baggie of hot chocolate mix adding chocolate chips, red hot cinnamon hearts and mini marshmallows; wrap in cellophane with ribbon
  • Attach a Mug Treat from the store or a baggie with ingredients for a mug cake (like here and here)

Send me a picture to see how your mugs turned out…..there is still time.  If you liked this post please pin and share!

Happy Crafting,


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Last minute sharpie mug gift

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Nice article keep it up like this in your future.I hope you do best afford and make future bright.

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Thanks for the wonderful share. Your article has proved your hard work and experience you have got in this field. Brilliant. I love it reading.

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