Scattered Leaf Christmas Tree Skirt

How to make a Leaf Tree Skirt

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Scattered Leaf Christmas Tree Tutorial…it’s gorgeous!

Here I am, back again with another stunning Christmas Tree Skirt.  Using the idea from the Wreath Pillow, I created this Scattered Leaf Christmas Tree Skirt  with a light color scheme for your Christmas decor.   It’s very simple and inexpensive to make but packs a very elegant punch to your decor.


The history of the Christmas Tree Skirt goes back to when people used candles to light the tree.  The first country to decorate trees was Germany.  They started by tying bows to the branches then adding lit candles to the bows.  Once they had candles on the trees a new problem arose. Dripping candle wax.  They would put some fabric to catch the drips and falling needles under the tree.  As we no longer use candles on our trees, the tree skirt has become more decorative than practical although they still hide the tree stand.


My favorite thing at Christmas is still decorating the tree and as I do it the memories of not only each ornament flood my mind but also my beautiful tree skirt made by a dear friend of mine.  Maybe that design is one I’ll share next year!

Christmas Tree Skirts aren’t hard to make at all.  The materials are relatively inexpensive (I usually use felt) and besides a little time stitching or gluing, they come together really fast.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • You need a circle of fabric about 60 x 60″  Joann is where I usually get mine
  • A second (or third) color of fabric for your design
  • Tacky Glue, Sewing Machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chalk and piece of string
  • Pom poms – I got them at Michaels with a coupon!

That’s about it!  Pretty simple.  There are so many photos of designs online that you can look through that might inspire you.  That’s all I did to get started.  A huge upgrade from an old red twin bedspread that we used for years under our tree.  

All of the tree skirts I have done have required very little time and expertise.  The last tree skirt in this series is the one that took the most brain power to figure out the process.  But as you know, I’ll walk you through each step and additionally have photos to help you out.

FREE Printable for Supplies and instructions

You’re now at the point where you will start placing your leaves on the skirt

Now you’ll be ready to start the ties

You’re all done!

Here’s the next tree skirt in the series:


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Christmas Tree Skirt

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