How to Make a Valentines Clothespin Wreath

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Isn’t this a cute Valentines Wreath, easy to make with paper and clothespins!

Valentines Day is such a fun celebration and so many beautiful ways to transform your home.  I’ve seen a few Clothespin Wreaths over the years with different themes and thought it would be the perfect way to brighten up one of my walls.  What’s nice about the clothespins is that they are double sided and you can easily turn the pins around and add other colors on the other side.  This might be perfect for Easter as well.  


  • wire wreath from Dollar Tree
  • 2 packages of Clothespins from Dollar Tree as well.   I needed 65 pins for this frame and there’s 36 in each package.
  • Paper Cutter
  • Glue Stick (you can use double sided tape or a glue gun if you want)
  • Valentines Paper – I used 12 different designs of Craft Smith Blush Glam
    (It was hard to find open stock or even craft stacks of Valentines paper)  
  • Wood Letters spelling Love
    (I actually didn’t have this when I started the project.  Instead I used gold glittered paper that I got at Michaels.  I printed off the word love on my printer (very large) and transposed it onto the back of the heavy glitter paper.  It worked well but I like the wood letters better) If you’re using the wood letters you will need the supplies below:
  • White craft glue
  • Large bottle of gold glitter
  • Thin wire



  1. Using the paper cutter, cut paper into 1/2″ x 3″ pieces

2.  Count out 65 Clothespins

3.  Glue the papers to the clothespins

4. Decide on your color placement and clip them to your frame.

5.  At this point, I know I wanted it fairly simple for the final decoration because the paper patterns are so bold.  I decided to go for the simple word of “Love”.  I happened to have some heavier glitter gold card stock I got at Michaels

6.  At this point if you have a Cricut style cutting machine, cut the letters as large as you can, linked together.  I have one but decided to do it the long way.  I printed out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper the word “love” using Bromella at 468 pt.  Then I chalked over it and turned it upside down on the gold glitter card stock and traced around the letters and cut them out.  

7.  If I had the time, I would order the one on Amazon that is a lovely cursive, paint white craft glue on it and cover it thickly with glitter.  Then, with light wire, I would wire it to the metal frame.  It would look gorgeous.  Let’s see what mine will look like next year:)

I love the way it turned out……okay now for the true ending.  I had this hanging in the kitchen on the side of the cupboard just above the garbage.  Later that day, after cooking a lot with my daughter in law and lots of messes going into the garbage, I looked up at my wreath and saw the gold “love” was gone.  My guess is that the double sided tape I used to put the banner across didn’t hold and it fell into the garbage and was under (I did dig a bit) the messy, yucky food wastes.  So I will order the wood piece from Amazon.  Some days:)

Have fun, I did!  


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Valentines Clothespin Wreath DIY

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