How to Make a Wreath Pillow Cover (Pottery Barn Knockoff)

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Decorating for Christmas Series: 2  Scattered Leaf Pillow Tutorial

I have loved this pillow ever since I saw it years ago while drooling as I browsed through the Pottery Barn Christmas mailer.  It was beautiful, timeless and elegant.  Like my home…hahahahaha…’s a process.   I love most things that I see there and try, on a budget, to incorporate the look into my decor. Hence the Scattered Leaf Pillow tutorial!  I have a few others I’ve made as well if you want to check them out; here, here and here

It’s interesting how our tastes evolve over the years.  I’m certainly not the “country” decorator I was in my first home.  At that point in time I did a lot of folk painting on wood and had dried flower wreaths (which I still love) and arrangements.  Checked and floral blue furniture, balloon curtains on my windows and I loved it.  It was comfortable and stylish at the time.  Back then I would look through the Country Sampler magazine looking for inspiration on what to make or how to style a room.  It was me then, but it’s not now.  The clutter got to me.  As I would decorate for Christmas, taking down one treasure to replace with a seasonal treasure, slowly, what I put back after Christmas became less and less.  I had less time to dust and paint as my boys grew and my time went to other things.

This photo was obviously taken after the Christmas Crackers were open, but the hat was taken off!

Decorating at the start of the month gives us all season long to enjoy those special touches we’ve added through the years.  The simple instructions and photos of each step for this lovely Wreath Pillow will certainly help you to finish this project and add to it a special place this Christmas.

This pillow is number 2 in a series of 4 Christmas Pillows to make, the first one being the Frosted Tree Pillow Have fun creating!

Supplies and Directions:

  • Piece of fabric (felt, muslin, linen) about 45″ long. I got mine at Joann
  • Sewing Machine and brown and white thread (you can use white for the bobbin for the whole project)
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • 2-3 Sheets of contrasting felt (for the leaves) I got mine at Joann as well.
  • 1 pkg White Pom Poms (.75″ (19mm) or smaller) 80 in a package, you’ll use about 60
  • Straight pins
  • Pillow form (20″ x 20″ or 50 x 50 cm)  I got mine at IKEA.  I like feather inserts


  • Cut pillow top 21.5 x 21.5
  • Cut template out for leaves.  It’s looks like a “cat eye”  wide.  I had to play around with it to get the size and shape I wanted.
  • Cut about 80 leaves out of contrasting felt.  I cut about 4 at a time (while watching a show)
  • Lay your front fabric on a flat surface and trace around a plate with chalk.  I used chalk because it dusts out but pen or marker do not.  You just want a guide for the circle.
  • Start placing your felt leaves in a circle.  I have some photos where you can see how I’ve done it.  Don’t worry about crowding the circle, you want some space to place pom poms.  The Pottery Barn pillow that I copied has leaves that are more sparse than other copy cats I’ve seen.  I was trying to get as close as I could to the original.  Work from the left to the right as you circle the pillow.  Bottom to top and then down again.
  • When you’re happy with the placement of your leaves, pin them in place so you can sew them.  At this point if you want, you can just glue them in place.  It’s easier, but you don’t get the same look as sewing.  I actually only took about 20 minutes to sew them all on.
  • Using brown thread on top and white in the bottom sew the leaves on.  I just sewed from one to the other, doing a little backstitch, lifting the presser foot and sliding it to the next.  Remember if you have overlapping leaves, work from bottom layer first.  Cut top threads when finished
  • Take the pom-poms and lay them on the pillow top.  Start in a small area and with white thread and a needle, stitch with one stitch in place.  After sewing about 5 pom-poms, knot the thread and continue doing five more.  And yes, you can glue them on with tacky glue or a glue gun.

Attaching Back:

  • Cut two pieces for the back of the pillow.  You are going to make an overlap between the two to slide the pillow form in.  One piece will be 14 x 21.5 and the other 12 x 21.5.  Using the 14″ piece, turn the edge over 1.5″, pin and sew in place.  (See Photos)
  • With the pillow top face up on a table, layer the 14″ piece, right side down over the pillow front.  On top of that, lay the second piece, 12″ on top of that.  There really is no right or wrong side to that if you’re using felt.  Pin in place.  (See Photos)
  • Sew around the pillow using about a 1/2″ seam allowance.   Take out pins, trim corners and turn the pillow inside out (it should be right side out now). Poke scissors in the corners to push the fabric to points (See Photos)
  • Take pillow form and slide into the pillow, Fluff and enjoy!
How to make a Snowman Pillow
Next up in the Series is the Snowman Pillow

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Christmas Pillow

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