How to Make an Adorable Reindeer Pillow

How to make a Reindeer Pillow

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Make a cute Reindeer Pillow for your holiday decor!

It seems everywhere I go these days Christmas is in the air, and the stores.  This morning, as I went on a few errands, I had the privilege of a little company with me.  Two of my granddaughters, merrily wandering the isles of Target, each carrying their own shopping baskets.  The small one, adding things to her basket as she went (and of course, I quietly took them out)  While on our way over to the tree trimming department she traded her basket for a bag of seasonal Snow Day Oreo cookies.  Dark chocolate outsides with deep red centers.  Yummy, and of course, she could not be parted from them even though we told her we had some at home.  We did manage to find the display and trade out that flavor (for Mom did have some at home) for the Peppermint Bark flavored ones.  Oh, my and were they ever good.  She had to have one just prior to checking out.  Her sister said they smell like Christmas:)

Christmas Pillows

But, I’m really not here today to talk about Christmas Oreo flavors.   It’s time for a little pillow talk.  Yup, I have another adorable Christmas Pillow for your Holiday Decor.  It’s red, white and black and is too cute.  I saw these a while ago when searching Christmas Pillow pictures online.  I love most things red and black and white (and gray) for Christmas.  So this fit the bill and it wasn’t hard to make.  Walk through the steps with me and before you know it you’ll have a new favorite pillow sitting neatly on your couch……waiting expectantly for his reindeer friends to visit Christmas Eve.



  • Red Felt (just over 1/3 of a yard)
  • White Felt (about 15″)  
  • Black Felt (scraps or 1 craft sheet)  Joann
  • Small Black Buttons or Larger Seed Beads (.6)
  • Sewing Machine; White and Red Thread
  • Black Thread and needle
  • Heat and Bond
  • Iron
  • Free Printable Reindeer Pattern
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pencil (for tracing)
  • Down Pillow Form (here)

**All the supplies (except my sewing machine) and pillow form were purchased at Joann Fabrics**


  • Front of Pillow:
    • Cut red felt 20.5″ x 15″
    • Cut white felt 20.5 ” x 15″.  You’ll need to curve the edge (as you see if photos)  I doubled the white felt on the front but if you trim the red when you sew them together, there is no need to double. (it is slightly see through with the red behind it)
  • Back of Pillow:
    • Cut one piece of red 20.5″ x 16″ and the second 20.5″x 12″.  You’re going to make an overlapping back to slide the pillow insert in.  
    • Fold the larger piece over 1.5″ and sew across with your sewing machine and red thread
    • Put aside to do front of pillow
  • Download Reindeer Pattern and using your pencil and heat and bond, trace the reindeer.  Make sure you trace 2 small reindeer and noses for all of them.  Cut loosely around the black noses and the reindeer. (see photos)
  • Using a medium setting iron with no steam, iron on heat and bond to white felt and the noses to black felt.  
  • Using sharp scissors, all noses and reindeer our.  Peel off paper backing
  • Using your red felt from your pillow top, place reindeer on the felt, using the curved white piece of felt (also for top) as a guide of where you want them placed.  They will go under the white about 1/2 “.
  • Press with medium iron on the front and also the back.  (See Photos)  Also iron noses in place.
  • Using your sewing machine and white thread, pin the white curved front felt in place and sew closely to the edge (see photo)
  • Trim the red felt the hangs below the white felt. (if you want)
  • Using beads (or very small black buttons) sew on eyes on the reindeer using black thread


Assembly of Pillow:

  • Place front of pillow face up on flat surface
  • With the two back pillow pieces, put them face down with the piece you’ve sewn first.  When you turn it right side out, it will overlap the second red piece.  MAKE SURE THEY OVERLAP about 2 inches (or more)
  • Pin the pieces in place.  Using your sewing machine and red thread, sew all around the pillow, using about 1/2″ seam allowance.
  • Cut corners and turn it inside out.  Using your scissors, poke them into the corners to get a sharp point.  
  • Stuff your pillow form inside the pillow shell.  Fluff and enjoy!

I did my pillow a little different on the back (more difficult and really, unnecessary.)  I did white felt curved to match the front but it didn’t have as much overlap with the red and as a result I had to sew on snaps to keep it closed and looking nice.  So, for ease and a better look, just use red for the back and do a nice overlap to insert your pillow form.  I also use regular decorator pillows I have and just use my Christmas pillows as a cover.  When the holidays are done, just take it off.

Happy Creating!


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Christmas Pillow Pattern



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