How to Make an Adorable Snowman Pillow

How to make a Snowman Pillow

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 How to make an adorable Snowman Pillow

Since I’e been posting my Christmas Pillow “how to’s” one of my son’s asked if I was going to do a “Kids” Christmas Pillow.  I decided if he asked, I would comply and came up with a snowman pillow from some images I saw online.  One of my favorite things during the winter (when we have snow) is making snowmen.  When the kids were growing up, we lived on a cul-de-sac with an island in the middle.  It was a big grass area with trees and hedges that the kids on the block would gather to play.  When it snowed I’d get outside with my boys and a few other kids and we would make a snowman henge….snowman beside snowman in a circle.  It was magical and so much fun.  

How to make a Snowman:

The thing about snowman building is the snow has to cooperate.  It has to be warm enough for it to hold together.  If you take a handful (mitt full) and squeeze it slightly and it holds, you’re ready to begin.  You take a ball of snow and roll it, and as you go packing it along the sides and changing directions so it is round.  When it’s the desired shape and size,  you move on to the middle and then the head.  Add sticks for the arms, stones for the eyes and mouth and a carrot for the nose.  A cap for the head and scarf for the neck (if you have them)  It brings back memories of a snowshoe trip we took in April of 2009 up in the mountains of Colorado near Winter park.   A perfect day for some fun with some of the kids before Evan went back to college the next day.  Incidentally, the snow was so white and the sun so bright we all got sunburned!

Making a Snowman Pillow

I digress.  This is about making a kid friendly pillow for your home this Christmas Season.  I saw this ages ago and knew it was a good fit.  It turned out so bright, cheerful and playful!


  • Three pieces of white felt.    One is 21.5 x 21.5 and the others will be 21.5 x 12.5″(you’re going to make a pocket at the back)
  • 1 Piece of Orange felt 
  • 2 Pieces of Black Felt (or scraps you might have) 
  • Scrap of white felt
  • 4 large black buttons ( look through your stash)
  • Package of Heat n’ Bond Ultrahold  
  • Sewing Machine and white thread
  • Pillow Form ( I got mine at IKEA )
  • Scissors
  • Iron (At medium setting)
  • Find the Snowman Face template in my Resource Library  Downloadable Pattern


(I got all the felt at Joann, other felt and Heat and Bond at Hobby Lobby 


  • Download the Pattern.  Using the pattern under the Heat n Bond sheet, trace the snowman face with a pencil or marker
  • Cut around the nose, leaving about 1/2″ and Press onto the orange felt.  Make sure the iron is on a medium setting and no steam.  You’ll be able to tell if it’s adhering to the felt.
  • Cut loosely around the eyes and iron onto black felt.  Do the same with the smaller circles and iron onto a scrap of white felt.
  • Using sharp scissors, cut along the lines of all of your shapes.  Peel off the back paper and position the pieces on the front panel of your pillow.
  • Taking the back two pieces of fabric, fold one over about 2″ and sew along the edge (see photos)
  • Place your buttons an equal distance apart and mark for button holes.  Measure button size and create 4 button holes along the strip.  Cut carefully.
  • Take your other back piece and lay it under the one with button holes.  Ensure there is enough overlap.  Fold an edge over 1.5 ” and sew.  Measure your placement of buttons  with the buttonholes and sew on buttons.  (see photos)
  • With right sides together (don’t button your pillow back, just pin) sew around the edge to create your pillow body.  Measure to make sure you’re getting the right dimensions.  Mine was 20.5 x 20.5″
  • Trim the corners and turn inside out.  Slide your pillow insert and button up the tummy (that’s the what the black buttons are supposed to look like….I probably didn’t need to explain that did I?)

The photos above show the sequence for sewing the back (opening) of the pillow

He’s a happy little fellow (or gal).  It’s a project that will take a few hours tops.  Send me a picture to see how yours went.  As well, contact me if you have any problems with the instructions.

Happy Creating!


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Snowman Pillow


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