How to Make an Easter Bunny Pillow Wrap

Easter Bunny Pillow Wrap

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Easter Bunny Pillow Wrap

Here’s a cute pillow wrap to add to your Easter decor!  You can start by making a white pillow cover and each month, change out the wrapper!  Cute for kids rooms too!  I started with this Easter Bunny Pillow Wrap because of the time of year.  I’ve made other seasonal pillows, here, here and here that you might love too!

Do you ever scroll through Pinterest and drool fall in love with the seasonal decorating ideas you see there?  Just a three-tiered tray turns into an adorable display of bunnies and eggs, or a simple tray is transformed into a sweet vignette.  Even a pillow can make a simple statement…..I can do a pillow!

I saw this adorable Easter Pillow on Etsy through Pinterest and knew I could make it.  (See photo below) Having most supplies on hand, it went together pretty quickly.   It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well, I am flattering Swoozies out there.  If you look closely, it’s a pillow wrap.  I had never seen something like it and so I googled it.  Lots of different variations on the concept out there.  I like it so much I’m going to design a new wrap for each month of the year.  Because you are making the pillow envelope cover just once, the wrap goes together really fast.   I have included a free printable with instructions and a pattern to trace.

Spring is finally here:)

I was reminded while traveling this weekend of the time of year out there.  After the cold in February this year, it was delightful to see the new calves scampering about after their mother’s and looking so brand new.  Before you know it there will be daffodils and tulips poking their noses up through the soil.  Yay Spring!

 Let’s get to the pillow, am I right?

Like I said above, I had most of the supplies at home already, except for a small bottle of paint


When you look at the supplies it seems like a lot but it’s really not.  I just like to list everything that’s needed.  The basics are fabric, paint, pillow form and  rickrack:)


Pillow Envelope

  • Lay fabric out and cut along the folded edge making two pieces of fabric.
  • Cut one piece in two, one measuring 14″ x 23 and the other 16″ x 23. The other piece of fabric can be trimmed down to 23 x 23 (this will be the front) You’re going to make an envelope for the back of the pillow to slide it on and off for cleaning (or changing)
  • Using the back pillow pieces, fold one edge over about 1/2″ and then again by 1″.  Do the same for the second piece.
  • Sew along the folded edge of each piece.
  • On a flat surface, right side up, lay the top piece of the pillow (23×23)  With the right side down, lay the longer side of the pillow back first and the shorter side, fight side down, on the top.  Pin around the edges.  
  • Sew, using 3/8″ seam allowance.  Trim the corners and turn inside out.
  • Press so the fabric is smooth, especially pulling at the edges to make them even.  You’re now going to sew around the edge of the pillow 3/4″.  Trim off excess threads and press
  • Cover the pillow form with the envelope! 

Pillow Wrap

  • Cut 2 pieces 11″ x 20″ (if you want you could do a piece that is 11″ x 40 and have just one seam)
  • Using Free Printable Template and the contact paper or Freezer Paper, trace the running bunny and cut out.  If using the freezer paper, you can now carefully iron it onto one of the 11 x 20 pieces of white fabric. Make sure it’s centered. ** I’m new to this method.  Don’t use an iron that’s too hot.  Experiment with a scrap of freezer paper first so you can understand how it’s done. It isn’t a perfect science, but works great for this.  (It also works to iron onto fabric and print on the computer…..but that’s for another project coming up!)**  If using contact paper, just peel the backing off and stick in on the fabric, making sure the stencil is centered.
  • Using your pink paint and a large flat brush or small roller (I used the roller first and then brush to brush out the bubbles) paint the pink onto the fabric.  Make sure you protect your surface.  The paint will go through the fabric.  **Note: You could use the template and Heat and Bond with pink fabric to make a bunny on the pillow wrap.  I was trying a different method**
  • Pull off the stencil and hang to dry, then iron to set the paint
  • Fold the long edge of the fabric over 1/4″ on each side.  Press
  • Pin the rickrack along the edge  (see photos)
  • Sew along edge and take out pins
  • With right sides together, pin the edges together.  Sew, using 1/4″ seams.  Take out pins and press.
  • Slide the wrap up over pillow and position to your liking.  Done.

They really are so simple to make and adorable to look at.  It’s really perfect for anywhere in your home!  Send me a comment and a photo of how yours turned out!  If you liked this post, please pin and share!



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Sew an Easter Bunny Pillow

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