How to Make Glass Etched Jars

Etched Glass Jars

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How to Make Glass Etched Jars

Don’t you just love the look in many of the bathrooms you see in magazines, on Pinterest and in  Model Homes.  The strategically placed jars, towels and pump soap bottles make it look so organized and elegant looking.  Apothecary jars with lids, filled with swabs, cotton balls and soaps.  In this cover photo from Martha Stewart, you open the cupboard and there’s a place for everything.  Shelves, jars, baskets, oh my!  Learn how to make glass etched jars to give your bath a lovely spa look!

 A little different from what my bathrooms looked like when my kids were growing up, especially after baths in the evening and getting ready for bed.  Towels, clothes, wet mat, toothpaste smears and the taps spotty and more than likely with toothpaste “spit” on them (especially the mirror)   I do miss some of those days.  Anyway…..

Decorative Jars

Back to the message at hand.  A few years ago I took a class on glass etching and was amazed at how simple it was but what a difference it made for the look of the glass.  Whether it was a casserole dish (yup, just a 9×13 can be prettied up), a trifle dish, glasses and decorative jars, kind of dressing them up wouldn’t you say? Which is what I got hooked on.  The finished product is lovely and I use them as  one of a kind Wedding gifts.  A basket with two jars filled with Cotton and Swabs with fluffy white towels of different sizes.  I’ll show you the way on this project!  

Glass Etched Vanity Jars


  • Two glass jars (I usually find mine at Hobby Lobby  or Dollar Tree )
  • Bottle of Armour Etch found at Amazon.  It goes a long way so a 10 oz jar will last you many projects.
  • Alphabet Stickers  I got at Hobby Lobby .  If you have a Cricut type machine, you can cut a vinyl stencil to use
  • Masking Tape 
  • Safety gloves


  • Clean glass with glass cleaner and soft cloth
  • Using your stickers, start in the center of your word and work to the right and the left from there.  For instance, if you are doing “cotton” do the right “t” and the “o” and “n” and then work to the left doing the “t” “o” and “c”.  That way it will be spaced properly and line up.  If you want to insure the letter are straight (even if using vinyl letters) place a temporary piece of masking tape and place letters above.  Remove tape after.   
  • To have the letters frosted themselves (like in the photo above) you will need a vinyl stencil with the letters removed.  (see photo)
  • If using stickers, you’ll want an edge around the letters that will be frosted because the letters will be clear.  Using masking tape, make a border around the letters in a rectangle.  
  • Using a wood craft stick (I just used a popsicle stick) smear the etching cream over the design leaving a pretty thick coat (see photos) When using thick stickers, you’ll want to make sure the cream gets into all the little corners.
  • The etching cream usually takes 5-7 minutes on most jars but on bake wear, leave it on for about an hour.  It’s a much thicker glass and you won’t want to be disappointed.  
  • When the time is done, using your popsicle stick, scrape as much of the etching cream off and put it back in the jar.  Rinse the rest of the cream off under warm running water.  Dry and peel off the stickers or vinyl stencil.  
  • Wipe again with a damp cloth and buff it dry with a dry one.  Voila!

Personalize your Gifts

    These make very personal Wedding, Shower or Christmas Gifts.  Ever take dinner or dessert to someone and never get your pan back?  Well this will certainly insure your’s is returned!  How about a tall glass dish with someone’s name on it and your favorite recipe for Trifle recipe in it?  Send me a picture of your creation.  I’d love to see!


Have fun creating!


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Glass Etched Jars

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