How to Sous Vide Steak

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How to Sous Vide Steak

Say what?  Sous vide?  I know.  When my friends first told me about the Sous Vide method of cooking meat (it can cook other things too) I had to have them spell it.  I hadn’t heard of cooking your meat in water.  In fact it sounded kind of gross to me.  But they swore how wonderful it made the meat taste.  You could take inexpensive cuts of meat and they would turn out wonderful.  So I did a little research.  Here’s how to Sous Vide Steak!

What is Sous Vide, really.

Sous Vide is a French cooking technique where the food is sealed in an airtight bag, then cooked in temperature controlled circulated water. The cooking process is slower, but cooking it at a constant temperature for a specific period of time ensures it’s never overcooked, and it really tenderizes even the cheapest cuts.

The only time I’ve ever cooked something in a bag was at girls camp where we did omelettes in a bag (and they were really good).  I will tell you I was skeptical at first.  I did my research (read and watched a few you tube videos….what would I do without you tube:)) and after talking about it to one of my carnivore sons, was surprised with a Anova Nano Thermal Immersion Circulator for my Birthday.  So now I’ve begun experimenting.  And I’m also a believer now.  Yes, it does take a little longer than slapping some spices on a steak and grilling it (sorry you grill masters out there:)) but it’s worth the preparation.

How I did it….What I needed

  • Anova Nano Sous Vide Precision Cooker
  • I bought a steak (I used a chuck steak that was about 2″ thick)
  • Large Stock Pot (I used the largest pot I had in my standard cookware)
  • Cast Iron Fry Pan (this is for best results but you can use whatever pan you have)
  • Water
  •  Ziploc Bags ( you can use a Food Sealer if you prefer and have one.  If this is something that you will be doing a lot, I would say the investment is worth it…..I have one in storage)
  • Salt and Pepper, a little olive oil and fresh Rosemary
  • Butter


  • In your large pot, attach your Sous Vide Precision Cooker
  • Fill pot with hot water, somewhere between the minimum and maximum lines
  • Turn on to 130° and set for 1.5 hours
  • The steak should be at room temperature for best results.  Take the steak and season each side with a little bit of olive oil, some cracked pepper and seal salt.  I used 2 sprigs of fresh Rosemary on each side.
  • Slide it into your zip loc bag (gallon size) or seal it in your Food Saver bag
  • Slide the bag into the hot water.  As you immerse it, the air will be automatically pushed out so slowly close the bag and clip it to the side of the pot to ensure it stays submerged
  • Press start and walk away.  It will beep when it’s done.  If you want your steak done medium I suggest cooking it longer.  You can check out this Web Article out by Anova to get more information on how long to cook your steak.

When It’s Done:

So when the Sous Vide timer goes off, remove your steak from the water.  It won’t hurt it if it cooks or stays in a little longer.  

**Just a quick update!  Alice at Alice’s Kitchen reached out to me asking if I would link to a really great post about searing your meat!  So if you want some more information, just pop over here (but remember to come back….yum)

  • On your stove top heat a cast iron pan to very hot
  • Add about 2 TBSP Butter
  • Using tongs, put your steak in the pan.  Only sear it for about 1 minute on each side.  It will cook while searing and if your steak is thin, it will end up being well over medium rare or medium if you sear it too long
  • As you sear it, use a spoon to drizzle the melted butter over your steak.  Turn over after 1 minute and continue to sear on the other side
  • Plate your steak and enjoy/savor/groan in pleasure…..(no really it’s that good) 

I’m not saying you’ll be revamping your cooler to make a sous vide cooker right away and buying out your butcher’s selection at your favorite store, but what I’ve experienced so far I love.  I’ve done soft boiled eggs for Eggs Benedict (they were so soft and creamy and came right out of the shell) and a couple of pork roasts (which will be a future post)  I have never had such juicy tender pork ever.  We couldn’t stop nibbling on it (even when cleaning up from dinner and all being very full).  Traditionally for me, Pork=Dry.period….but not using the sous vide cooking method.  

So try it out.  PS…you can do veggies with it too:)



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Sous Vide Steak

How to Sous Vide Steak


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