Kids Coloring Shirts

Unicorn Coloring shirt

Kids Coloring Shirts

Who doesn’t love a good coloring project?  Whether it’s one of those intricate coloring pages or a simple page from a kids book, it’s relaxing and fun.  I thought I’d take it a step further and do a Kids Coloring Shirt using an easy pattern that’s converted into a file you can cut on a machine.  Then the kiddos can color/wear/wash/repeat! In this post, I’m offering three different shirts to color:  Unicorn, Princess Peppa Pig and a Star Wars Storm Trooper!  Stick around and learn how to make a Kids Coloring Shirt with 3 free svg files.

Fun Project or Gift

What’s nice about this Kids Coloring Shirt is that you can color it using washable markers and every time you launder it, it’s a new activity all over again!  If you decide to use permanent fabric markers, I have some from Tulip, the colors stay, wash after wash; just pull it out of their drawer and it’s ready to wear. With the three files I’m offering in this post, you have shirts for both boys and girls!  It never turns out the same way twice:)

Great “One of a Kind” Gifts

These Kids Coloring Shirts also make great “one of a kind” birthday presents.  Stock up on a few white (or light colored) plain t-shirts, print off a design and add a package of washable markers and you’re good to go! Inexpensive and unique! this post for Kids Coloring Shirts includes a three FREE SVG files so you pick the one you want!  A Unicorn, Princess Peppa Pig and a Star Wars Storm Trooper. It’s an easy DIY project with your kids (or even make one for yourself).  The possibilities are endless if you know how to make a file or find some free SVG files already made.

What is an SVG File

In simple terms, an SVG file is a scaleable vector graphic or a vector image.  It allows you to cut scale the file (make it bigger or smaller) and it will stay true to the design. If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo (just to name a few) you can upload the file and cut it out in heat transfer vinyl.  You then “weed” it (take off the pieces you don’t want) and iron it your kids coloring shirt!

How can I make one?

I am not an expert at this, but I followed a few tutorials out there (you tube) to learn how to use a free digital program called Inkscape.  It can also be done in other programs like Adobe Illustrator (I’m sure there are others) You can upload a picture you’ve downloaded or drawn into Inkscape and make the file following the tutorial.  Then save the file with an .svg file format.  You can then upload it to your cutting program and use the file.  You can also find a lot of FREE  SVG files out there, already to use.  It’s a really fun way to design your own shirts for yourself or even for family reunions!  Kids Coloring T-Shirts are simple to make either with your own file or one you’ve downloaded!

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There’s a few things out there you’ll need to make your kids coloring shirt.  There’s also some specialty supplies that will make the job easier (and a good investment if you want to do this a lot)  

**NOTE: As I said above, I have used a lot of inexpensive vinyls bought on Amazon.  I’ve not had problems with them.  I will say, recently when making some shirts for my granddaughter, I was using some Cricut HTV Vinyl for the letters.  I was very frustrated with the end results and had to remake some letters because they wouldn’t come off the plastic without causing a mess.  It could have been user error on my part, but that’s been my most recent experience***


  • Download the FREE SVG File
  • Open your Cricut Design Space or your program that works with your vinyl cutter
  • Open a new project and upload the SVG File
  • Import the file into your new project page
  • Size the picture.  It may be very small, don’t worry, just pull the arrow to enlarge it to the size you want
  • Prepare your sheet of HTV vinyl ( or cut off what you need)  Make sure you have the right side up (meaning the side that you can pull the vinyl off) If you’re not sure (not all vinyl is the same) take your pointed weeder tool and push it into the vinyl and they to pull it away.  If this works, it’s the right side up!  I’ve made mistakes a time or two:) Press your vinyl onto your mat
  • Press Make it on your machine and follow the directions.  Please make sure (if letters are involved) that you MIRROR the design first
  • Cut the vinyl
  • Once your design is cut, take your sharp weeding tool and pull the parts of the vinyl off that won’t be needed.  Be careful, it’s hard to see the design when weeding and you don’t want any holes in your finished project!
  • Lay your t-shirt on your ironing board.  Heat iron to Linen setting.  Press firmly and slowly onto the plastic and pull it away gently.  If it doesn’t come off yet, apply heat again.  If using Cricut Easy Press, follow the directions that came with the machine.  Some vinyl comes with a special sheet to use when ironing the vinyl.  Just place it over the design while ironing.
  • Sometimes I turn the shirt over and pass the iron across it a few times to make sure it’s set well.
  • Color and wear!

Lots of fun to make and to color.  Have fun with these three designs or try one of your own for your kids coloring shirt!
Happy Creating!


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Coloring Shirts FREE SVG Files

Kids coloring T-Shirt with free svg file

Coloring Shirts







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