Make your own Criss Cross Back Apron

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Make your own Criss Cross Back Apron

….. that’s a long title:)

Confession:  I am a very messy cook.  I like to wipe my hands on my apron or anything I’m wearing as I cook.  As a result, I need a lot of aprons.   This Criss Cross Back Apron is a real utility apron, and is perfect for me and my messes ( and guys will like it too:))  Stay with me here and I’ll teach you to Make Your Own Criss Cross Back Apron!

So many Aprons

When I was  through Pinterest and came across the picture and fell in love.  I had made a Japanese Style Back-Cross apron and loved it so much I wore it out.  How does one wear an apron out?  Wiping your hands, spattering grease, food coloring, just to name a few.  I originally purchased the materials to make this apron for one of my daughter in laws but made her a girly vintage one instead.  

Back to the apron.  I also realized when I followed the pin to the site that I wasn’t going to pay 76.00 for an apron, so I proceeded to figure out how to make it.  When I was buying the fabric, linen on not on sale so I went with a more industrial strength fabric, Cotton Duck.  I think it turned out great!  I can hardly wait to mess it up.



  • 45″ of linen fabric about 40″ wide. – I got my fabric at Joann
  • Package of Curtain Grommets (you need 4 they come in pkg of 8)- I got them at Hobby Lobby
  • 2.5 yards of Twill Tape – I also got at Joann
  • Sewing Machine and thread
  • Sewing Pins
  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk or Pencil (use what will show up on your fabric for marking)


1.  You may want to wash and iron your fabric first.  (I didn’t)  I have washed the heavy duck fabric since and it softens up very well….but it does wrinkle and requires a hot steamy iron.  (Linen or Linen-Look might be easier care)
2.  You will need 40″ wide (and about 45″ long) so cut some off the side if you need to
3.  Fold your fabric lengthwise in half
4.  To determine the width of the top front of your apron, hold a tape measure up while looking in the mirror.  8-10″ across will probably be fine and add 1″ on each side for seam allowance.  Because your fabric is folded, measure 5-6″ out from the fold.
5.  To determine where you want your front to back curve to land, hold your fabric against your body.  I suggest to have it fall to your waist.  Using a pencil or chalk, freehand the curve from your apron top to the back.  (See picture)

6.  Cut curve 
7.  Snip along curve (about 1/2″ in) so you can fold fabric for sewing. 

8.  Roll, pin and iron fabric curve.   Stitch along wrong side close to the edge 

9.  Fold, pin and iron top and sides of your apron.  Stitch along wrong side close to the edge.

10. Hold your apron up to you and determine how long you want it.  Mark with a pin, lay flat, measure and cut, making sure you add another 1.5″ for your hem (or more) Iron and sew close to the edge
11.  If you want pockets, cut them out of the curve piece or buy a extra inches when purchasing fabric.

Cut and turn and press raw edges under.  Sew across the top (these were finished edges on my fabric) and then determine where you want them and sew them on three sides (top open) Make your you double stitch the top corners as they will get the most wear as you use them. 
12. Read the directions that come with the Grommets.  Using their template, trace on wrong side of fabric with pencil or chalk.  Cut out the circle. ** Note: My fabric was thicker and the grommets I bought were for lighter fabric. I ended up cutting a little bit bigger and also cutting out some of the thick seam to fit them together.  It worked great.**
13.  Snap the Grommets together.   You’ll have to press hard with your hand on a firm surface.  but it will come together (be tough!)

14.  Cut your twill tape in half.  With the two pieces, thread each through the top of your apron.  Turn the edge over about 2″ (and then roll the end) and sew in place a few times across so it’s strong.  Sew the opposite ends to prevent fraying.  

15.  Weave the twill across and through the Grommets on the back of your apron.  Pull it over your head and pull the twill tape ends around your waist and tie.   Voila!



There is an easier way to get a look that’s similar.  Buy a commercial type apron (they’re usually white poly/cotton blend)  Cut off the neck straps and the strings at the waist.  Add grommets and twill tape in a contrasting color.  (See my directions on how to apply grommets and twill tape)  There you have it!  Let me know how you did and if you have any questions.



Want to remember this?  Post Make your Own Criss Cross Back Apron to your favorite Pinterest board!

Cross Back Apron

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