Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s still a few weeks to go but you should be thinking about Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for that awesome Mom in your lives.  I know, your Mom says “Don’t get me anything”  or “I have everything I need”  or “Just being together is enough”…..anyone heard those ones before?  It’s not the thought that counts either.  We should be thoughtful of our Mom’s on Mother’s day, even if it might be difficult. A gift is an outward symbol of appreciation.  A note or letter is a symbol of the depth of our appreciation. So whether you do one or the other, or both, here’s some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that can help make the task a little easier.

Fondness for Past Mother’s Day Gifts

Before I get to the ideas I have a cute story to tell about a Mother’s Day gift I got from my youngest son years ago.  He was in kindergarten and they made the classic hand print in plaster of Paris.  My boys gave me their gifts they made in school Sunday  morning before we headed off to church.  I get emotional about being a Mom as it was one of the greatest desires of my heart when I was young (um, it still is) I opened his little present and tears overflowed from my eyes as I looked at his small handprint and then at him, bursting with pride at what he’d made.  Off we went to church.  They must have talked about Mother’s day in their primary class that day.  A few hours later I got a call from my friend.  “Thanks a lot” she said (rather sarcastically)  “What for?” I asked.  This was her reply (to the best of my memory) “When I opened Sam’s gift for Mother’s Day today (another kindergarten aged boy who’d also made a handprint) he was disappointed I didn’t cry.  He said “Evan’s Mom cried when she opened her present”  We laughed and laughed about it and it still brings a smile and chuckle from me.  

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here’s 10 ideas for winning Mother’s Day gifts: 

1.  Tickled Pink Gift Basket

It’s a gift basket that themed “I’m Tickled Pink  You’re My Mom”
pink chewing gum
pink nail polish
pink candy
pink lotion
pink body wash
pink bath puff
pink lip gloss or lipstick

Here’s a free printable with a cute note to print off to go with your basket!

2.  Get Ready for Summer Gift Basket

Fill this box or basket with items that welcome the summer season such as:
flip flops
nail polish
amope electric nail file
lip balm (with SPF)
cute water bottle
fun summer book (This is a fun first book of a series by Mary Alice Monroe)
Here’s a free printable to wrap up your gift!

3.  Tub Lover’s Basket
          Fill with fun things your Mom could use in the bath:
bath bombs
loofah back scrubber
scented bath salts
bag of chocolate treats
– “steamy” new book (I’ll let you chose that one:))
scented candle(s)
cooling mask
scented body scrub
Here’s a free printable to go with the basket!

4.  Working Mom Gift Basket
 Fill with fun new gadgets and desk accessories
cute push pins
assorted “post it” pads

desk accessories
new planner
fun stickers for planner
stylus pen
new insulated coffee mug
– fun “mix” CD for the commute (you have to make this one)
cute new “reader” glasses (if she needs them)
download a new book for on her phone for the commute (This is a link to Audible.  Actually this is a book I listened to and it really is good!)
Here’s a free printable to put with your basket!

5.  Gardener Accessories and Tools
Fill with tools of the trade like:
set of gloves
trowel set
one or two pots with herbs or perennials in them
lip balm (with SPF)
Clay Garden Stakes
biodegradable planting pots for seeds
Here’s a free printable note to add to your basket!

6.  For the Mom who loves to Bake
             Fill with fun things to use in the kitchen:
stainless wisk
new rubber spatulas
measuring cups and spoons
silicone baking cups
silicone baking mats
dish towels
cute new apron
-Mixer (Hey go big or go home, right?) I love two of my mixers, my Bosch Mixer (it’s my heavy duty bread maker) and my Kitchen Aid.  I recently attended a baking workshop and my friend has the “mini” Bosch and says she loves it for baking cakes and frosting.  Check all three out!

Here’s a free printable to add to the basket!

7.  A Craft Tote for the Crafty Mom
Fill with fun things a crafty person would love to get like:
blank cards and envelopes
glue dots/adhesives
fun punches
stamps and ink pads
craft tote (for basket)
permanent markers

  Here’s a free printable to tuck in with the gift!

8.  Ice Cream Lover
Fill with fun toppings and accessories for a sundae treat
ice cream scoop
assorted sauces for toppings
toppings (crushed cookies, sprinkles, nuts etc)
cute ice cream dishes
dish towels
– gift card for specialty ice creams
Here’s a free printable to top off your gift!

9.  Cheese Basket
Fill with fun new tastes that she can save for herself or share with friends:
            – assorted cheeses (sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, baby swiss rounds etc)           Check the selection at your supermarket or specialty store or
specialty cheeses
cheese knives
assorted crackers
flavored pretzels
assorted nuts
– bottle of wine (your choice)
Here’s a free printable to make your basket a little more cheesy!

   10.  Mother to Be Basket
Fill with little things that an expecting mother would love to get:
breast pads
slippers or soft socks
parenting magazine
water bottle
– pedicure gift card (you take care of that..visit a local spa or nail salon)
epsom salts
stroller hooks
thank you cards
lip balm 

                         Here’s a cute printable to add to the basket!



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Mother's Day gift Ideas

Mother's Day gift basket ideas

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