Patriotic Wind Sock Craft

Wind Socks

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Patriotic Wind Sock Craft

It’s fun to come up with family friendly ideas to get the kids creating!  These windsocks are a patriotic addition to the outdoors this holiday season.  What a fun craft! Easy to make and fun for kids and adults to see what they can do.  Make this Patriotic Wind Sock Craft with materials from your favorite Dollar Store and drawers at home.  There’s directions for a US Flag and one for those up in Canada!

Cheap Fun

I bought all the basic materials at a Dollar Tree near me and used 1 piece of poster board to make 4 windsocks!  My granddaughters are still fairly young so needed some help making them. Kids a little older can do it by themselves (well mostly)  When you see it waving in the wind it will bring a smile to your face (or running around yard waving them behind them)  Invite some friends over to make this fun craft and all will go home with one of these Patriotic Wind Socks!



Canada Wind Sock:

  • Cover your work space with plastic
  • Cut the poster board into 4 pieces
  • Draw with a pencil 4 lines (one of each end and two in the middle)
  • Using red paint and wider paintbrush, paint the poster board
  • Using the red paint and a paintbrush, paint your child’s hand red (they could also dip it in paint but I liked this better
  • Press their hand in between the red lines (see photo).  Reapply paint and press again.  Wash their hand off. (Does it remind you a little of Wilson, from Castaway?)
  • Let Dry
  • Staple your poster board flag into a tube, overlapping the red ends
  • Cut crepe paper in long strips (about 4′ each) You’ll need about 6 strips of each, red and white
  • Fold the strips in half and staple to the bottom of the wind sock, alternating red and white as you go around
  • Take a piece of string about 1′ long.  Tie a knot at each end and staple to the top opening of the wind sock
  • You’re done!  

USA Wind Sock:

  • cut the potato in half.  Using a sharp paring knife, cut a star shape into the end.  You want to cut about 1/4 inch deep so that it becomes a stamp.  Do the same on the other piece.  We used each piece for each color, so they traded half way through
  • Cut your poster board into 4 pieces
  • Cover your work surface with plastic to protect it
  • Lay your poster board strips on the table top
  • On 2 disposable plates squirt blue paint and red paint.  Using the potato stamps, press into the paint and stamp on the white paper
  • Trade paint and continue stamping
  • Let Dry
  • Staple your poster board strip into a tube
  • Cut the red, white and blue crepe paper into strips about 4 feet long.  You’ll need about 3 strips of each color, or 12 in all.
  • Using your stapler, attach the crepe paper strips to the end of the tube, alternating colors.
  • Cut a piece of string 12″ and tie a knot at each end
  • Staple to the top of the wind sock
  • You’re done!

Enjoy your new wind sock and hope your holiday celebrations are filled with fun and family!  You might also like this post on No Sew Patriotic T-Shirts!


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Flag Wind Sock Craft

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