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Prime Day Deals for Gals (and guys) That Cook and Craft

It’s coming and in this case there is something that you can do about it.  Amazon Prime Day 2019!  Eeeeek! It’s that once a year HUGE sale at Amazon!  Thousands upon thousands of great items get put on sale and I don’t want you to miss a single one!  You have to be a prime member to take advantage of this, so if you’re not already one, try the 30 day trial for free.  

I had never heard of Prime Days until recently and so I thought I would do some investigating and find products that you (and I) have been dreaming of for a while to stock our kitchens and our craft rooms. Even add some beauty to our homes as well.
As you know (unless you live under a rock in the jungle) you never know what Amazon might have and what’s new in trends.  So keep reading and see if there is anything that peaks your interest or that’s on your GOTTA HAVE list.  Remember, sign up for a free trial if you’re not a prime member.  You might want to put some of these things in your shopping basket before hand.  Not sure how long you can hold them, but some of them will go really fast and I don’t want you to be disappointed!  Let’s go shopping!


I recommend you click “WATCH DEAL” for anything that might interest you

Kitchen Deals:

Crafting Deals:


Fun Random Things:

  • IPad Air:  The newer ones have some really neat features
  • Kindle Paperwhite:  It’s a great price today!
  • Elby Bikes:  Make the biking experience a little easier and there are some great deals out there.  
  • Apple Watch Series 3:  If you wanted one but weren’t quite sure, the prices have dropped!
  • Alexa:  Yeah, a built in dance party every day for your kids or random need to know things. But even better, you can turn your tv on and the heat or air up or down!

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