Quick T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

How to Make a Quick T-shirt Dress

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Quick T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

Ya I know!  And that’s not the only thing……it cost less than 5.00!  I’m talking another one of those sales at Joann (sigh….I’m going to have to get a job there to support my trips)  It really just cost me 4.50.   EEEEK!  I think I need to go back….get more…..it’s sick (and not the good sick, right?)  Then I came up with this Quick T-Shirt Dress Tutorial.  Grab the FREE PRINTABLE too!

I love a good t-shirt dress, but there’s a problem.  I’m taller than the average women.  I just googled that question and was astonished.  I’m much taller than the average woman!  It said that the height for the average woman is 5’4″, and if we’re talking about someone in Asia and South America it’s 5’0″ (I’m an amazon there)

Ahem. So back to my problem.  I can never rarely buy an off-the-rack t-shirt dress.  They are too short.  Like 4-6 inches above my knee.  Then I’m always tugging at them worried that they’re too short (because that is too short for me) So this solved the problem. I was so excited when the idea came to me, drawing what was in my brain and then transferring it to the t-shirts.  Thinking and cutting, sewing and thinking some more.  I love it and when I put it one I loved it even more.  I know it’s hard to see the simple details in the pictures but it falls nicely and is top stitched and has two slit pockets in the front (sigh).  This quick T-shirt Dress is a keeper! (and yeah, next it’s making it for kids)

All Year Long Dress

The best thing about this classic dress is that it will take you through all 4 seasons.  YUP!  Add a jacket or a sweater, tights and boots and it’s great for winter, a sweater and flats and you’re set for spring or fall.  A complimentary scarf as well…..I could go on (and on).  You get it! Easy enough to wear with flip flops or birkenstock’s in the summer or even a modest swim suit cover. 

Okay, enough with the photo shoot:)  You can see how it looks in gray ( I made it a little shorter in this version!)  I have to credit my son for being a good sport to take the pictures at a moment’s notice.  Good job Evan!

Simple Directions:

I have a FREE PRINTABLE for this quick t-shirt dress tutorial and and video as well.    Of course there is no pattern and you make it to fit you with a few measurements you take.  


For Full Diagrams and Instructions download this FREE PRINTABLE  and video tutorial from my resource library.  Don’t have the magic word? Just subscribe below and you will get the secret password for all my freebies (including my Casual Linen Dress as well)

Happy sewing….it’s a real easy one!


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How to Make a T-shirt Dress in under an hour

DIY Quick T-Shirt Dress

Quick T-Shirt Dress

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