Quick T-Shirt Makeover

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Quick T- Shirt Makeover

Don’t you just hate boxy men’s t-shirts?  I know, for years that’s all we had.  Square-shaped t-shirts that were not flattering.  Mind you, there were woman’s sizes, but they were the same shape, just smaller.  I made this Quick T-Shirt Makeover just for this reason.

Sure, we were cool in the 80’s rolling the sleeves like Alan Frew from Glass Tiger’s hit Someday .  It did make them a little more stylish but, sigh, still boxy.  Well we can change all that with this quick tutorial for a Quick T-Shirt Makeover that I used on this boxy (but really cute) shirt I grabbed on vacation in St. Thomas a few years ago.  I wore it a couple of times but always felt saggy and fat sloppy in it but loved the color, especially paired with white shorts in summer.  

It’s also a great makeover to use on fun graphic t-shirts you find in your husbands/sons closets or at thrift stores.  It’s a quick  project that you can have done is less than an hour.  Maybe faster for some of you.  Let’s get started on this Quick T-Shirt Makeover right away.



  • On a table or other flat surface lay out your boxy t-shirt
  • Lay your women’s shirt over top  positioning the top shirt at the bottom of the mens, to use the same hem.
  • Cut around the top shirt, leaving about an inch on each side for sewing.  Do not cut sleeves on the shirt.  Cut around the sleeve line.  You can use a tank top as your guide if you have one
  • Remove the top piece of fabric and cut the neck a little lower than you did the back.
  • Remove the sleeves from the mens shirt and the neck band (you’re going to use the neckband for your new one and the sleeves for your sleeves
  • Using your woman’s t-shirt sleeve as a guide, place on the removed sleeves, again if you want, use the hem as your hem.  
  • With right sides of the t-shirt together, stitch the shoulder seams
  • Using the neck band, fit it to your new neck hole, pinning where the seam will meet the shoulders.  Remember to stretch the fabric a bit so it fits like a neck band. Stitch the pieces together.  Pin the neck band to your opening.  I pin in a few places, shoulders and center front and back so that when I sew, I can pull the neckband piece so it fits better.  Sew in place
  • With your new sleeves, pin in place on each side, right sides together.  Sew
    (I apologize.  I thought I took pictures of fitting the sleeves and I guess I didn’t.  This is the sleeve attached pinned to hem) I did two lines of stitching for the sleeve hem
  • Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and pin the sides together
  • Sew up each side of your t-shirt
  • Turn inside out and clip any threads you see hanging around.


This wasn’t a huge t-shirt to begin with.  You can see the boxy shape of the before and the larger neck band and the bigger sleeves. I love the look and fit of the made over one and can’t wait to wear it when it comes out of the laundry each time!

Voila, you’ve just restyled yourself and learned how to do a Quick T-shirt Makeover! I’ve got another tutorial coming soon to change an adult t-shirt to a kids one.  Save all those old graphic shirts for your kids! If you’re looking for a fun kids Ruffly t-shirt makeover or a Ruffled Sleeve T-shirt Makeover as well check these out!



T-shirt Makeover

Boxy to Foxy T-shirt Makeover





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