Fab 4 Smoothies to Keep you Trim

Fab 4 Smoothies to keep you trim and keto firendly

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Fab 4 Smoothies to Keep you Trim

Yup, tis the season for indulging, with food I mean.  We’re on the run with shopping and preparation(I’ll grab something quick) baking in preparation for gifts and guests (I’ll just try a few) Parties (drinking and nibbling) Big Dinners (Thanksgiving and Christmas) get together’s(appetizers and other nibbler’s) and decorating cookies and gingerbread houses with family and friends (candy, cookies, frosting – oh my!).  Try these Fab 4 Smoothies to  keep you trim this Holiday Season!

Sugars and Carbs

That’s a huge sugar and carb buzz.  We all know by now the more sugar we have, the more we want.  Just having a little will send you back to the fridge, freezer or pantry for that sweet treat after a meal or in the evening.  I’ve experimented with the Keto diet this year and had terrific results.  My cravings for sugar went away and the belly fat so many of us are carrying around shrunk as well.  Just looking to lose a bit of extra weight and that belly fat!  I hate that term “muffin top” but that was me, a roll around the rim of my jeans, that nothing could cover it up.

Curbing your Appetite:

I’m a huge patron of the library and on one of my visits (looking in the diet/weight loss isle) I came across a book called the 8 Hour Diet by David Zinczenko and read the principles about this type of diet.  While I like the idea about the intermittent  fasting, which is used because you’re eating in an 8 hour period each day, I don’t feel like you can eat all you want or anything you want.  What I do like about it is that when you are done for the day, the snacking that we seem to do so much of in the evening, goes away.  If you’re done eating at 6 or 7, there’s no trips to the fridge or pantry while you watch Dancing with the Stars or the Bachelor/ette.  With the church that I belong to, we fast regularly, going without food or water for 2 meals usually in a 24 hour period, so having water and “fasting” to me was easy.

Another Great Book

I also came across a book called Body Love by Kelly LeVesque.  I loved the concepts she talked about and I believe she was spot on.  The past few decades we have gone to such extremes with our food; sugar-free, fat-free (really how does sour cream have no fat?) and as a result, we don’t have enough good fats and proteins in our diets.  Body Love introduced me to some really good smoothie recipes that pack protein, greens, fats and fiber into a yummy drink to start the day.  Because of the balance of these ingredients and low sugar (just a 1/4 cup of fruit) it elongates the blood sugar curve and we stay fuller longer without the need for snacking. 

I have tweaked a few of her recipes (with more ingredients on hand) and love the way they taste.  I’m sharing 4 smoothie recipes on a FREE printable that you can download through my resource library.  Another tip I’ll share is have a smoothie for breakfast, then have a good balanced lunch and instead of dinner, have another smoothie.  If you’re planning on going out for a big dinner, have two smoothies for meal replacement earlier and you’re ready! 

Protein Powder

I’m not an expert on protein powders but have used them for a few years.  A tip that came from a friend who’s a personal trainer, said to watch the sugars (try to have none) and to use this simple formula:  The number of grams of protein divided by the grams in the scoop.  This number should be higher than 80%.  (For instance on your label, the Protein is 35 g and the protein in the scoop is 42.  35 divided by 42= 83% )  Based on this formula, this protein powder on Amazon has the most protein ratios based on the above formula. Another thing to look for is that it should be strictly whey protein isolate or whey protein hydrolysate which are purer and help with lean muscle gain.  

I have tried a vanilla powder with greens included in the past and it gave me an upset stomach so I had my son try it and it had the same effect.  I took it back.  I like chocolate and also vanilla.  I did use some recently with collagen in it, based on advice in the book, but I mostly look at sugars and protein per serving. 

Making the Smoothies

Basically it’s a balance of proteins, fiber, fat, fruit, greens and liquid.  

  • Protein is just 1 scoop (chocolate, vanilla and many other flavors out there) 20g 
  • Fiber:  1.5 – 2 TBSP  Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds but Avocado can be your fiber as well.  It makes the smoothie very creamy- 10g at least
  • Fats: Avocado does double duty used here as a fat.  Coconut oil, MCT oil and Nut Butters- 1 TBSP at least
  • Fruit:  Use only 1/4 of a cup for flavor because of the high sugars in fruits.  If you stay with the berry family (Blue, Black, Rasp and Straw) they are lower in sugars.
  • Greens:  I use a handful of spinach in most of mine.  You can use kale and other greens or use dry greens but I tend to stick with spinach.
  • Liquid: There’s Almond, Coconut or Soy Milk.  (I don’t use soy because it interferes with the absorption of thyroid medication)  You can use water, but I like the thickness that these milk substitutes provide.  You can use real milk too if that’s what you prefer but the sugars are very high.

As you start your busyness this holiday season (I’m sure it’s already begun) try implementing a smoothie or two a day and see if it can help in keeping those cravings and large servings at bay.  Again, with my free printable, you can get 4 fabulous recipes to post on your fridge.

Enjoy (but not too many goodies:))  If you liked the post please pin and share it!



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Fab 4 Smoothies Free Printable


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