Sparkly Christmas Tree Skirt DIY

Tree Skirt DIY

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Sparkly Christmas Tree Skirt DIY

I know it’s June…… but don’t you just love Christmas?  There’s something about putting on Christmas music, lighting a seasonally scented candle and pulling out the bins of decorations.  It makes me smile as I write this, the memories flooding my mind.  Dressing up your house, trimming the tree and starting the season.  Let’s plan to dress up the tree with this Sparkly Christmas Tree Skirt DIY.


Decorating the Tree

We all know it’s not all fun and games, low stress when the boxes come out.  I have yet to experience a pre-lit tree, so maybe I’ll have something to look forward to this year.  It’s always been my job to get the lights on the tree and then call the others to decorate the rest.  It’s just easier that way. 

 I’m amazed the amount of ornaments I’ve collected over the years (and the memories that came with each one)  A tradition we started was from the time my kids were young was they got a new ornament each year in their stocking.  It’s something I borrowed from one of my friends. After my boys got married, they each got their box full of ornaments.  It still brings joy to me as I look at their  trees and see the ornaments memories hanging there.

Don’t Forget the Bottom

I know a new trend is having a box, tin bucket or basket that the tree sits in.  I love the farmhouse look, but I still use a tree skirt. I’ve made a few before; Frosted Tree and the Scattered Leaf Tree Skirt as well.   This Sparkly Christmas tree skirt may be understated to look at  but has a big impact under the tree. The sequins and glass beads reflect the lights and sparkle, especially when the room lights are low.  It’s an easy project that can be done while watching your favorite shows on TV.  You can choose either stitching each sequins and bead or gluing them on.  I chose to stitch mine, as I can sit turn the skirt in my lap as I go.  It’s also a skirt that I made for under $7.  Let’s get started!


  • 60″ of 72″ of grey felt (Joann) Use your coupon!
  • 150 Silver Sequins (I got mine at a dollar store) 
  • 150 Small Silver glass beads  (again, at a dollar store)
  • Needle (that fits the beads) and matching thread OR glue gun with glue sticks.  You can use tacky glue as well but the dry time is slower
  • Fabric Scissors
  • String and piece of chalk

**NOTE** You can certainly make this tree skirt out of a different color felt.  Just get sequins and beads that will compliment the color (like cream felt would look great with gold sequins and beads, or white and white sequins and beads, or…..)**


  • Measure out 60″ of felt.  Cut.  fold in half, lengthwise. Fold again to make a triangle(of sorts)

  • Measure 33″ of string.  Wrap the string around the piece of chalk using about 3″ of the string to tie it.
  • Hold the end of the string at the corner fold of the felt.  With the chalk end, draw an arc from one side to the other.


  • Cut along the chalk line with sharp fabric scissors
  • Measure about 2″ from the top of the center of the triangle (where your hole for your trunk will be.) Using your chalk, draw a small arc and cut
  • If using 72″ wide felt, you will need to cut along one of the fold lines so you have an opening in your tree skirt.
  • The measurements I made around my tree skirt required I make about 150 circles.  I used a little 1-1.5 oz spice jar lids (red) to trace around for the circles.  **NOTE** I cut 2-3 layers at a time.  So only trace about 30 to begin with on scrap felt from cutting out the skirt
  • Cut the circles out
  • Using straight pins, pin about 20 circles on the tree skirt, starting from the back opening.

   This is the point where you need to decide if you’re going to stitch your circles/sequins/beads on or glue them.  I just got comfy on the couch and sewed them on in 1 step using a thin needle. I pinned about 20 in place and knotted each circle underneath before moving to the next one.  If you choose to work with someone, pin all the circles and place on a large table.  Sit across from each other (sipping a beverage of choice and visiting:)) as you move the skirt around.


  •  work on a large table or floor space.  Plug your glue gun in and organize your sequins and beads into small containers or piles  I suggest a hot melt gun for the step of circle to skirt and a low temperature one for the little sequins and bead.  You can also use tacky glue although the drying time is longer (but safer for your hands)  I’ve never glued them, just sewn and I’ve made 3.  It really only takes a movie and you’re done.


  • Start with pinning about 20 circles on your skirt.If you’re right handed, you’re going to work from right to left, turning the skirt as you go.  Thread a thin needle (check to make sure it goes through your bead first) with matching thread knotting the threads together at the bottom (so it’s double threaded) You’ll want about 2 feet.  Longer it tends to knot up.  
  • From under the skirt push your needle up through the center of the circle, pulling the thread all the way through.  Push a sequins (cup facing up) and a bead onto the needle, pulling through and then with your needle go back through the center of the sequins to the underside of the skirt.  Pull tight and knot.  Move to the next one.  Yo can certainly knot and cut after each one or just continually run your thread to each circle.  
  • Continue all the way around.
  • Continue applying the circles up one side of the open slit (see photos) and around the opening for the tree trunk.

Yay, sit back and oooh and ah! You’re done!



Sparkly Christmas Tree Skirt

Sparkly Tree Skirt


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