Summer Floral Wreath DIY

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Summer Floral Wreath DIY

Saw it, loved it, made it.  When I spotted this adorable wreath online, I just had to make it.  The Summer Floral Wreath DIY is a simple project, that can be made relatively fast.  Sit down for an hour and have in on your door to admire.  Sigh:)

This handcrafted project uses a simple grapevine wreath, some greens and gorgeous peonies and a cute word phrase.  Making a wreath is really a simple affair.  You don’t have to have any experience, just gather your supplies and create.  It works well when you have good directions and photos……wait a minute, I DO!  

You can run to your favorite craft store today to get started, but order your word first (unless you have a scroll saw to cut them out) because it will take a few days to get to you. Some word phrases you can find at your favorite hobby store.


  • ‘Hi’ word (It’s 12.00…they have some cute things)
  • Grapevine Wreath – Joann (use your coupon)
  • Glue Gun and sticks (you can use either a small or large one)  The high temperature larger one will make the process a little faster, but your choice:)
  • Peony Flowers (these are gorgeous and inexpensive)  You might not even need more greenery)  They also have great ones at Joann and Michaels….use your coupon
  • Greenery ( I like a sage color for this but I had to use what was available locally)
  • White Craft Paint – Joann 
  • Paintbrush – Joann
  • Small piece of sandpaper 


  • Order your Hi word (and wait a few days until you get it)
  • Cover your work area with a piece of plastic.  With the white craft paint and  a small brush (can be foam) paint your ‘Hi’ word
  • Using a small piece of sandpaper (or even an emery board works) sand the edges of your word.  If you don’t want it sanded, skip this step.  In fact, you might not want to paint your word at all.
  • Plug your glue gun in and place it near your work area.  
  • Place wreath, greenery and flowers on your work space.  Clip your flowers so the stems are about 3″.  I actually bought a cheap wreath that had great flowers earlier this month on clearance and used three of the flowers for the wreath.  
  • Position your greenery on the wreath, working with the stalks to see where you want them to be glued.  Do the same with the flowers.  I had 2 long pieces of leaves, 2 short bunches (I took the flower part off) and 4 large flowers (2 from the wreath and 1 white one)
  • Glue the greenery on when your happy with the placement
  • Position your flowers on the wreath.  The stems will be able to poke into the wreath and then secure with glue
  • Position your Hi on the wreath.  Play with it a bit to see where you want it.  Glue in place (this will take the most amount of glue)  
  • Holding the wreath up by your fingers (you can hook a finger into the grapevine and hold it up to see where you want your hanger (piece of string, ribbon or wire) to go.  Attach and voila!

In no time at all you’ll have a gorgeous wreath that will have people knocking on your door to see where you got it:)  If you want to try your hand at a Clothespin Wreath check out my post!

Enjoy Creating!


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Peony Hi Wreath

Peony Wreath DIYSummer Peony Wreath


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