Top 15 Tips For Black Friday Shopping

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Top 15 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Black Friday follows right on it’s heels!  To get the best deals of the year and have a a productive night,  you need to have done your homework and made a great plan to follow.  Here’s the top 15 tips for Black Friday shopping that will help you prepare, outsmart the crowds and have an enjoyable journey on the way.

  1. Make a good, detailed list of who you need to buy for

    Preparing a list of all persons you’re buying for and details about what your buying should be    on this.  Put it in a good notebook that’s small enough to fit in your purse or  pocket.

  2. Put a good budget in place and then use cash in envelopes assigned to each person

    Realistically look at your money set aside to spend.  Assign a dollar amount to each person and either have envelopes with cash in them with their names on the outside.  You can write what purchased and spent as you go (standing in line or in the car between stores is a good time to do this)

  3. Check out some good money saving blogs out there….they will list what they have found as the best

    There are a lot of terrific sites out there that show where the best deals are and also how to be creative with your spending.  Well worth checking out while planning your shopping

  4. Sign up for emails for ads far in advance;; and others give you advance information of where the deals are as well as when they will be posted

  5. Prioritize your list…..there will be things you can get either before or after Black Friday

    Take the time to check online deals that happen a few days prior to Black Friday sales and also check out Cyber Monday deals and compare with your list.  It doesn’t hurt to google your items individually and see if there is an alternate place to purchase that may not have occurred to you

  6. Check store’s websites and the ads carefully; you might find the doorbuster’s are available for a limited time and also a limited amount

    If you’re looking for specific door stoppers you might have to split up and be at different stores at different times to get the doorbuster’s that you want

  7. Don’t even try to Price-Match while shopping

    Black Friday shopping is getting what you get for the price that’s there.  Also, it might be less frustrating to make sure there are price tags on your items prior to getting in line.  There’s nothing worse than having to get a price check when the lines are long and tempers are short

  8. Take your phone with a scanner app to check online prices of the items you’re buying (you may even find them cheaper and can add them to your basket while there)

    You have all sorts of time while waiting in line if you want to double check the deals you’re getting

  9. Shop early, have a well planned itinerary and leave the kids at home!  There’s nothing worse than having kids in long lines complaining (been there, done that….plus there are no surprises under the tree)

    I took my teenagers one year and yes it was fun, but it was really hard to surprise them.  Have a good plan of where you’re going and when; both of these really cut down on the stress

  10. Remember to get gift receipts and check the return policy

    Each store has different return policies and time frames especially with Christmas Gifts

  11. Instead of a cart, take some big, strong reusable bags to shop with….it’s a lot easier to maneuver with them

    Have you ever tried to maneuver a cart when everyone else has a cart and the isles are packed?  You can turn and move a lot easier, plus you have something to put them in after you are checked out

  12. Take a good friend with you, smile and talk to people in line!  Take your sense of humor with you too, it’s an adventure for all out there!

    It really is a lot of fun and you can learn a lot about what other things you might have missed. Laugh at your mistakes and have fun people watching!

  13. Avoid Walmart……yes, they usually have some of the best deals, but 5,000 of your other friends will be there too, if you go, plan wisely.

    Of course, you might have to go there, but following some of these guidelines might help

  14. Make a list for other upcoming events in the year (birthdays or wedding presents).  It’s a great time to get some really awesome deals.

    It really is a great time to pick up wedding gifts or other gifts with the prices as low as they are.  Make sure you have budgeted for these items as well (see #2)

  15. Dress comfortably and in layers…..and Relax

    Wear comfortable shoes and layers, there’s nothing worse than standing in line in a very heavy coat and sweating.  Wear light layers that you can put in the bottom of your cart or shopping bag and put back on later.  Above all, you won’t be able to make everyone happy and the sooner you accept this you’ll have more fun

Above all get out and enjoy the experience.  Let me know if you have any great tips I’ve not covered and where you get your best deals!


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