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Do you read while on Vacation?

This is the time of year where most people that live in a climate that has snow, dream of heading off to a sunny beach to lie in a chair, soak up a few rays and read.  I do love a good read in a deck chair but a small suitcase can only fit so many books.  And although I love my electronic reader, it’s a little harder to read in the sun and sometimes overheats in the sun.  So I switched to audio books.

I usually get mine through the online services my library offers.  Sometimes though, they don’t have what I want (especially if I’m into a book series) and I have to wait.  So I got a bit frustrated with searching my online library database to find an audiobook that I wanted to listen to.  Goodness, you’d think we lived in a society where everyone gets what they want, immediately.  Instant gratification.  Hmmm, go figure.

Try a free month of Amazon Audible

 I was on Amazon the other day and came across Audible.  Truth be told, I never knew they had an audiobook division.  In fact there’s podcasts and everything.  So I thought, what do I have to lose?

So I signed up.


You get it free for 30 days to try it.  With this comes 2 free books and 2 audible originals to download as well.  After your 30 days you can cancel, with no problems at all or you can pay 14.95 and get 1 audio book and 2 audible originals each month. You can also get the “silver” tier where it’s 14.95 every other month instead.  I had to download the app for my phone (it said it wasn’t compatible with the older phone I have but it worked) and pick up my headphones.  I use mine when I go for a run or walk in the morning, but wishing I was on a beach somewhere.  Maybe next year:)

I was puzzled with what is termed the “audible original” so thought I would scroll through and see what they were.  They are conceived and written and performed  with listeners in mind.  A little like a podcast or a short play or even older radio shows.  

What’s not to lose?

When you’re off on your trip, download two audio books and two audible originals and see what you like.  Are you someone who buys a book when you go to Costco or at a bookstore at the airport, then you’ll surely be ahead of the game.  If  Amazon Audible isn’t for you, just cancel at the end of your month.  And, if you get a book you thought you wanted and you don’t like it, they’ll cancel it for you and you can choose another. (Don’t read the whole thing and then not like it…. that’s like eating half the box of cookies and taking them back to the store because you didn’t like them).  You can also check out Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine book club picks each month.

Have a terrific trip, and don’t forget the sunscreen (and your earbuds)!


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