Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (and cute wrap)

Valentine's Chocolate Chip Cookie (with cute wrap)

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Valentine's Chocolate Chip Cookie (with cute wrap)

Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (and cute wrap)

I love a sweet treat for Valentine’s (and any time for that matter:)) and this one really hits the spot…soft and chewy with lots of chocolate……wait a minute.  I’ve posted this cookie recipe before.  That’s what makes it so great to repost it with a couple of fun add ins.  This was posted wayyyy back in May 2019 titled The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie.  

What makes the best Valentines Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Plenty, and I mean plenty of yummy ingredients.  These soft, chewy cookies make you want to have just one more……and maybe another.  But this time I made them big.  I wanted JUMBO cookies to fit in my CD envelopes for giving away.  So I started big.  The Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies were so big for the first batch they were the size of a small plate.  I thought using 1/2 cup of cookie dough would get me the size if wanted.  Well, yes, if you try these cookies you will want a JUMBO cookie (and then you will have just one) 

Valentine's Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a cute wrap)


I decided that the JUMBO Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies would work well as a plate, and add a large scoop of vanilla ice cream to the top, then drizzle with chocolate sauce. It’s a wonderful dessert for  sharing (of course you can have one for just yourself)  After a batch or two of trial and error sizing, it works well with a 1/4 cup of cookie dough.  Here’s a few tips for making these Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies:

  • Bake for 11 Minutes (then let them sit for another 2 minutes on the baking sheets to cool before transferring to a paper towel or wire rack)
  • Use a 1/4 Cup for measuring the cookie dough (or large cookie scoop that is the same as 1/4 cup)
  • When adding the Valentine’s M & M’s, mix them in with a spoon (or by hand, yum) because in the mixer they get broken
  • Save a few M&M’s and chocolate chips for garnishing the tops of the balls before baking.
  • Use butter that’s soft, but not too soft.  It makes the cookies spread too much when baking.
  • When baking, use parchment paper or Silpat baking sheet liners.  I used the ones I got for Christmas and loved them:)  It’s much easier to get the cookies off when still soft
  • Remember to double the vanilla for a richer taste (this recipe the vanilla is already doubled
  • I made 24 large cookies from this batch.  I wrapped them in plastic wrap and froze them to keep them fresh

Valentine's Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a cute wrap)

Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a cute wrap)

Years ago, I made a similar recipe for a fun Valentine’s treat for the girls at church.  I placed them in these white CD cases and tied them the same way.  The thing I didn’t think to do (until it was too late) was to wrap them first in plastic wrap.  They still looked adorable but the butteryness (yes, I think that’s a word) of the cookie made little buttery spots on the paper and took away a bit of the loveliness of the presentation.  So here are the steps to make sure you have a lovely Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (with a cute wrap) for all your friends and family:

  If you have a Cricut Cutting Machine (Explore etc) you can cut these shapes out without having the punches.  

Valentine's Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a cute


  • Using red cardstock, punch out the scalloped shapes.  (you decide how many you need.  This will be enough for lots of valentines giving) I made 24 cookies.
  • Using white cardstock, punch out 1.5″ circles
  • Using your Heart punch cut out as many as you want
  • Assemble the tag by glueing the heart to the circle, the circle to the scalloped circle (do I sound like a square dance caller?)  Punch a hole in the scalloped piece (see photo)
  • Cut Baker’s Twine about 22-24″.  I wanted to wrap it twice around the CD envelope and tie it in a bow
  • Slide wrapped cookie into the CD envelope
  • Secure the back flap with glue or tape
  • You can write a cute message on the tag before threading it on the twine
  • Wrap the Baker’s twine twice around, thread the twine through the hole in the tag and tie in a bow

Adorable Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (with cute wrap)

Seriously cute, delicious and a small gift that warms someone’s heart.  It’s a very easy and inexpensive gift to give that will make someone’s day.

(I’m not gonna lie…..I haven’t done a post for 5 months. This was a lot harder to put together than it was when I was posting 3-4 times per week.  It’s far from perfect but it’s done, but took about 4 times longer.  Thanks for your patience and make some people you love happy with a cute, sweet treat:)

Happy Valentines to you this year (and happy giving)

Happy Creating,


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Valentine's Chocolate Chip Cookies (with cute wrap)


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